How to wait on God – Part 4  by Bro. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Now the fundamental key to waiting on God is making all that is within you still and quiet. If you don’t achieve that, if you don’t master that, then you cannot enter into this holy of holies that we are talking about. But, if you can master bringing all that is within you to be still and quiet, then you are bounded gathered together unto the Lord. See 1 Corinthians 6:17 says “He that is joined unto the Lord is one Spirit.” See you are entering into a union of oneness with the Lord Jesus Christ in that beautiful blessed experience of waiting on the Lord. Where all that is within you are gathered and bound together with the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. And where the Lord is so where you gathered be unto him. Where is he? He is in Heaven. If he is in heaven, when you are one with him where are you? You are in heaven all the time. So, the art of waiting on God lies in the key of making all that is within you is still and quiet. It is not an easy thing. But if you practice, if you keep on practicing, initially it will be very very difficult. I speak from experience. When I first started practicing this in 1983. I could just be still for a couple of minutes and then I find my concentrations are broken and I could no more be still. ( Please I said, no walking, no movement. Please respect what I said. I am telling you because the Lord has told me to tell you. Don’t move be still. Then you will know the Lord God is God). So everyday after a session of meditating, praying and interceding I will just remain still. But when you try to remain still your mind start to wander and that is the big battle. Our mind behaves like a monkey. Running here, Jumping here, running all over the world. Have you seen people flying kites? You know the kite flies up in the sky, but the person who flies the kite holds the string in his hand and he does not allow the kite to fly beyond its given length and he will hold the string and pull it down. So the kite is like your mind that may want to wander. But you have the power in your hands to pull it, to still it, to keep it quiet. But most of the time we release the kite and we fly along with the kite wherever it wants to go. That is why we all have the problem in being still and quiet. So the first day I was able to only able quiet for five minutes and the second day five minutes and the third day I became very still and quiet for eight minutes. And day by day my ability to remain still was increasing and on the sixth day I was able to perfectly remain still and quiet for 25 minutes. Perfectly still. The mind is quiet, the heart is quiet, all that is within you is perfect silent and quiet. Then, I heard the loud audible voice of the Lord Jesus Christ speaking to me. It was as if coming from the four corners of my bedroom. Big huge speakers like these speakers put in the 4 corners of my bedroom and spoken at a loud blasting voice “FEAR NOT” How can you not fear? In the middle of the night and you suddenly hear a blast of sound with a music. Its like an entire orchestra was mingled into oneness of the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ and then the sound of the running waters all intermingled together and all the 3 is distinguishable and then the Lord Jesus spoke to me concerning my ministry what I should do and how he is going to help me to do the work. That was the first time I audibly heard the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ speaking. And after that first time it was as it like is now kept an open door. Hearing the voice is no more a difficulty, you see. You need to struggle until you have a breakthrough. Once you break through the door is already open Right? There is no more closing. Once you get into the other side you then have the power to close and open according to what you like. So you need to strive, persevere until you master this art. Once you master this art then the art needs to be perfected to be still and quiet. Once it is perfected, any time, anywhere, in whatever situation even in a crowded atmosphere like a church, instantly you can become still and quiet. Instantly. It will no more be a difficulty and instantly in the stillness and quiet you can be translated. You are here but you are not here. Living in two worlds at the same time. It is a marvelous, wonderful experience you know. Initially may be a scary, because you don’t know where in the world you are. You know it will take a little bit of orientation you know whether which is real. That will be the perplexing dilemma – which is real. The real world is real or the heavenly world is real. Which is real? That will be the dilemma but it is a wonderful wonderful experience. Rather an invitation your father is extending to you “Come, Come my son- Come my daughter” . You are not a dog that need to be satisfied eating the crumbs that fall down from the master’s table. Are you dogs? No. Only dogs eat the crumbs but you are the sons and daughters of God and you should be sitting on the chair. If not on the chair, up on the table. Which father will be upset with his son or daughter who wants to be sit on the table? I always carry my little niece and put her on the table and talk to her. Because she is little. If she is grown I cannot do that. But that is the way I show my affection and my love to her. And when my little nephew (now he is a big boy) when he was little as soon as he comes back from his play school he will come knocking on my office. And he will just walk up right to me, climb up my laps and then climb up on my table and stare at my face. Even if I tell him uncle is very busy right now, leave. He will just smile. When you see a cherubic smile like that, how can you chase away that angel? Can you? No. So I will be forced then to take a little break from my work and sit down on the sofa with him, tell him a story or take him out for a walk. Then he will be very satisfied. If a mere man like me can extend such a favor to an object of my affection, how much more your heavenly father? How much more? It is not his desire in the wildest of his imagination that you remain under the table and only eat crumbs. Tonight I promise you or declare to you that it is not the will of your father. The will of your father is, you rise up and sit with him at his right hand and be like him. Not be like you. You were created in the image of the living God right? Not in my image. If you are created in the image of the living God as I have been telling you since the past 3 days, how can you be a child of God if you don’t see your father’s face? How can you claim to be a child of God if you don’t even know the voice of your father? And how can you be a child of God if you don’t even know the house of your father? “Behold, I go to prepare a place for you and where I am, you may be also”. The Lord Jesus said that very clearly. Where I am you may be. So where is he now? At the right hand of the father in heaven. So where you should be? Not where you are now. This is the reason I am provoking you to jealousy. Stirring you to climb up higher. The final aspect of waiting on God or the other aspect of waiting on God is meditating the word of God. But, meditating the word of God is a very important integral aspect of waiting on God. Please look at John 15:7, if you abide in me and my words abide in you, you shall ask what you will and it shall be done unto you. I explained to you on the First night as abiding is waiting on God. Here the scripture says, if you wait on me and my words abide in you, waiting with the word of God. The process of meditation, meditating the word of God is an aspect of waiting on God. To understand deeper realities of the word, you must practice meditation. When we say meditation, please don’t think of Buddhist monks or Hindu priest sitting in a meditative position. No. Now, this is another lost art of original Christianity. We have lost it and the Buddhists and the new ages have grabbed it. So, now when the genuine Christ to resurface we are branding it new age. No, it is not. All this heritage, whatever experiences, whatever teachings that the new ages claim are rightfully ours. They are not the devils. But who is the devil? He who was in high ranking angel in heaven in the first place. He knows what makes heaven thick. He knows because he was there. He was the only one among all the high ranking angels who were the closest access to God. He walked in coals of fire. That is why he dared to challenge God because he was the closest. He dared to defy because he thought he knew much things about God. But, yet I often wonder what guts he really had for a created thing to come against the uncreated thing. Some kind of guts, isn’t it? Something to be admired of. So, if he who was not created in the image of God can have that much of boldness, how much more you? Who is created in the image of God should have all the boldness to stand against him. Amen!! You should not fear him. He fears you because you usurped his position. We have been called a kingdom of priest to offer spiritual sacrifices unto God. That was what he was doing. So he lost his position. God made man and gave him that rights. That is why he is mad against us because we have taken his place. But made higher because we are not seated at the right hand of God. Now, to understand the deeper reality and the revelations of the word of God you must meditate. John 6:63, Lord Jesus said, “My words are spirit and life”. It is not an ordinary book that you are holding in your hand which is a paper and a black ink and some people have red ink printed on the page. It may be an ordinary paper but every word of God is breathed by the spirit of God. That is why even after 2000 years if anyone, anywhere reading the word is convicted. Ask them to read any ordinary books in this world. Eg: Shakespeare’s plays. Do anybody fall on their faces and repent their sins? No. Tom Clancy’s books, some of the top sellers in the world. Every time I am flying on the plane I see someone reading the Tom Clancy book. Since he be the most popular author, I don’t see anybody falling on their faces, lifting up their heads and praising God by reading Tom Clancy’s book. Currently almost everyone that I am bumping in the airport is reading the book called the Davinci Code. A book from the pit of hell. That seems to be another latest craze today. People are looking for another excuse not to get saved. But that is not going to deny the truth. The truth can always stand on its own. It doesn’t need any defense. The word of God is spirit and Life. The Lord Jesus said in Matthew 4:4, Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Man can survive without physical food just by the word that is in the bible. I know of a catholic nun in India who has never eaten for the last 30 years. For her breakfast, lunch and dinner she will have one cup of coffee and she will meditate the bible for one hour. That is all her food that she has eaten for the last 30 years. How did this came about? One day she was reading the bible Matthew 4:4. If this scripture is true then I don’t have to eat. That is how it began. So, the next day she had one cup of coffee and the bible, and then lunch time, one cup of coffee and the bible, and dinner one cup of coffee and the bible. It lasted 30 years till today. That nun is still alive and heavy. How is it possible? The bible says, the word of God will make your bones fat. It is written in the bible. It will make your bones fat. When you dare to believe and dare to act upon it, God honors it. How did the people in the dessert for 40 years survived? They did not eat pizza’s, no hamburgers, no Kentucky fried chicken, but bread that came from heaven. And they lived for 40 years. None of their clothes had worn out. There was no washing machines, or Laundromats anywhere. None of their clothes stinked, none of their soles have worn out. You know not only God is supernaturally done but supernaturally kept all their clothes clean. All their clothes supernaturally cleaned and all their sandals and shoes supernaturally preserved for 40 years. Talk about kingdom living, they experienced it in the old testament days. And the bible says, the new testament saints are better than the old testament saints. They are better remember that. If they can be supernaturally sustained you can much more. About 10 years ago, when I started speaking in the churches in Singapore a pastor once (he became a very dear friend of mine) came and told me, you know brother Sadhu, your message is wonderful, you give revelatory teachings and when you begin to pray the power of God comes on very powerfully. But only one thing is lacking in your message. I thought this is a learned teacher of the word and he has found some error in my preaching. So, I said please correct me where I am. He said, you must make up your messages with Greek and Hebrew words. I said Ok. If I use Greek and Hebrew words will the congregation understand? He said No. They may not understand but it will make you feel great, it will make you feel very learned. And you know what, the minister used to do in his messages? He not only quote Greek and Hebrew messages and even give strong concordance number. Once I heard him saying ‘Love’ in Greek it is saying Agape 4232. In the beginning I didn’t understand what is 4232? And then he will say another Greek word and say 3212. What is all that. I didn’t know what he was talking about and he will go on quoting all these numbers. I thought maybe this pastor had some strange rare revelation I had no access to. So at the end of the meeting I asked him, Pastor, excuse me, with all fear and trembling I ask you this question, because they may feel offended you know, those who had PhD and Doctorate degrees. See, when they have a PhD they have permanent head damage. So, with great respect I asked the pastor ( If there is a damage they will jump and bite you, you know. Remember the story, there was a boy going around and bite everybody). So, I asked him, Pastor, what is 4232 or 3212? He just braced up himself and said, brother Sadhu, these are all the strong concordance reference numbers that I am giving to the people so that they can go back home and do he research. Oh I see, I said. Please pastor, how many of the people in the congregation have a strong concordance at home? How many of them really go up and bothered to look up the strong concordance numbers? He said, anyway brother Sadhu, if you really want to be well accepted by all these established churches you must do all these research and come up with all these Greek and Hebrew words. I said, alright pastor, I will go and do my homework. I went and knelt down to pray. So I told Jesus what the pastor said. Lord, look what all they said, why didn’t you allow me to go to a bible school, I can also say 123456…. (You see what kind of clowns we all become Isn’t it? You know how much more spirituality will be added into a Greek word or Hebrew word?) Anyway, I was pouring out all my owes to Lord Jesus. Alright Lord, now you need to teach me Greek and Hebrew words because they want it. I said, they all say Greek and Hebrew word gives you the rich meaning of word of God. That’s why they have all these translations. That’s why they have an entire semester or few semesters in a seminary they have to learn Greek and Hebrew. Sometimes if we go on to do a Master degree we have to learn Aramaic and all the ancient languages of the bible. So that you will get a grasp of all these. And then the Lord Jesus looked at me very gently (good smile) and he told me, my dear son, to understand my word you don’t need Greek or Hebrew. You need my spirit. That’s once and for all you know. And I no more bothered about 123456….. and all. What is the use of it if I quote you a string of Greek and Hebrew words would you understand? It will all be Greek to you right? What is the use when the spirit is missing? See the bible tells us very clearly in 2 Timothy 3:16, Every word of God came by the inspiration of the holy Spirit. If it is the holy spirit who breathe the word, to understand the word you must know the holy spirit. Then he can unveil all the richness of the word that the Lord Jesus already spoke. The Lord Jesus says one thing but we meant another thing when it comes with all kinds of theological directions. Select for example Isaiah 40:31 says those who wait on God shall lift up with wings like eagles. The scripture meant what it says. But if we go to any theological seminary they will say it is a figurative language. But I proved to you last night its not a figurative language. It is real. Do you believe that? It is real. Every word of God is breathed by the Holy Spirit. So, to understand when you wait on God meditating the word of God. The Holy Spirit comes to help you inspiring your mind. So, what is meditation? Let me quote you a few Hebrew words. Well, I can, only from my definition by going to those root words. Anyway there are two specific Hebrew words and one Greek word to use the concept of meditation. Firstly, word ‘Hagah’. How many of you can tell me what is it? You see, you know ‘Hagah’? Ok. Very good. Only one among these hundreds. I don’t understand what is the use of giving all these words. Anyway, its ok. We will follow tradition. It means “To muse, to think, to consider, to reflect deep thoughts”. So, it means, the word ’Hagah’ has got to do with the mind. Ok. Now keep that in your mind. Secondly the word ‘Siyach’. And the word ‘Siyach’ means speak to oneself. So, it is like just speaking to yourself. Thirdly, the Greek word ‘Meletao’ and the word ‘Meletao’ is quite similar to the word ‘Hagah’ meaning- to take counsel in the mind. Now we put all these 3 definitions together and this is what mediation means. Meditation is the reflection of deep thoughts by musing in the mind with the speaking loudly to oneself. Understood everybody? (I am surprised). Now in a nutshell what this really means is this – When you have a problem won’t you sit down and think about your problem? Sometimes you will be just speaking to yourself, how to solve this, how to solve that, trying to crack in your mind how to solve your problems. Now that is the art of meditation. That is the negative aspect of meditation. But you can make it positive. Just use the principle for the word of God. So, take the word, say for example, Matthew 5:8, ‘Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God’. So you keep on speaking Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. As your mouth keeps on speaking your mind ponders and focuses on that word. See, when you bring your mind and mouth together in oneness, your mind is not going to wander anywhere. Why is your mind wandering when you are reading the bible, because you are so quiet doing your quiet meditation. So when you are quiet the mind is empty. It likes to go somewhere. Now you may have experience when you are praying in tongues your mind flies everywhere, have you? Why? Because when you are praying in tongues your mind has got no work to do. So it goes for a ride. It gets bored waiting for you. It doesn’t know what to do. Because it is not experienced however, if you discipline your mind become one with your spirit. If you achieve that, then whatever you pray in the spirit your mind can interpret and understand it instantly. Instantly. You don’t have to wait for the interpretation to come. As you are praying in the spirit you will know what you are praying. When the mind become one with your spirit and your mind and spirit becomes one with the holy spirit (That is a different subject you don’t want to go into that right now) So this is meditation. You take the word of God, you meditate, you ponder and ponder upon it and then speak aloud. This is the correct form of reading the Bible. You don’t read it quietly to yourself. That is wrong. You must open your mouth and speak aloud. You speak aloud and as you are speaking aloud your mind thinks on the word. See, the scripture says let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight. See, the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart, the meditation of the mind be acceptable, meaning they become one. When they become one, then you are bounded together in oneness with the spirit of the Lord. Then, when you become bounded with oneness in the spirit of the Lord, powerful powerful results are resulted. Now, when I was here in Lanchester last year, when you were having this conference ( whatever I am going to teach you now is what the Lord taught me last year and this was what he said in opening. When he gave me this entire teaching he said, ‘ Tell my people to love me and the word abiding in them cause them to see me’. Loving the word and seeing the Lord Jesus Christ goes hand in hand. Let me repeat to you again. ‘Tell my people to love me and the word abiding in them will cause them to see me’. Now when we love certain kinds of food we will eat them with great delight in large quantities right?. Something you like you will want to eat. Those things that you don’t like you will fast and pray right? In the same way ‘Love the word’. Love the word and eat it with delight and not to do it with compulsion or duty. It should not become a ritual that if you don’t do it you feel so condemned. If it becomes a ritual, just part of your Christian life routine it defeats the purpose. Now turn your bible to John 14:21, it says ‘He that hath my commandments and keepth them, he it is that loveth me’. If you claim that you love the Lord your God, then you must meditate God’s word. This is a commandment from the Lord Jesus Christ. What is the sign that you love him? How can you say that you love him but you are not knowing about him? You know, when you meditate the word you are meditating him who wrote the word. That is why it is so powerful to meditate God’s word. You are actually meditating him, the Lord Jesus Christ himself. When you are partaking the word of God, you are feasting on the Lord Jesus Christ himself. In John 6:41,, the Lord Jesus Christ said, I am the bread that came down from heaven, I am the Loaf. Actually, the Greek word bread says thick Loaf. The Loaf that came from heaven and you can partake bits and pieces, bits and pieces until the big loaf is within you. Now, when you meditate, meditation is a revelation of Lord Jesus Christ himself. In John 5:39, the Lord Jesus Christ said, ‘Search the word, in them you shall only find me. Search. You think you have eternal life there? No. You will only find me. When you meditate the word of God, you are entering into the bosom of the Lord Jesus Christ. As John 1:18 says, Jesus Christ enters the bosom of the father. When you meditate the word of God you are entering into the bosom of the Lord Jesus Christ. You know where is the bosom of the Lord Jesus Christ? When the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross John 19:34 says, A Roman soldier took a spear and pierced his side. A way was made in him for you on the cross. Now you can enter into that bosom through the blood of Lord Jesus Christ. This is the mystery of Hebrews 10:19 and Hebrews 4: 15-16, where the Lord Jesus said, we can enter with all boldness. The Apostle Paul writes that. We can enter with all boldness into the throne of Grace by the blood of Jesus Christ. And where is the throne? Through the bosom of the Lord Jesus Christ. And how can you enter into the bosom? By meditating the word of God. When you meditate the word of God, you are translated into the bosom. In a little while I will explain how the mystery takes place. Several years ago, may be 10 or 15 years, I was in this nation called Malaysia. One day, it was my off day. The Pastor was so kind to give me a day off. So, I spend the day fasting and praying and waiting on God. That’s what I always do when I have some free time. So as towards the end of the day I decided I am going to do a spiritual research. This is another one of my past times. I do spiritual research on what the word says was something that is mysterious about the bible. I will fast and pray, fast and pray even if it is until 10 years until I get the answer or understand the mystery concerning the one particular thing that is written in the bible. So I decided to do a research. If I meditate the word named JESUS what will happen? So I decided to do a quiet oneness state of mind. Then I just keep on repeating the word JESUS. As I began to meditate the word Jesus, before my spiritual eyes I saw the letters JESUS appeared in the heavenlies. And I just keep on meditating the word. The word became brighter and brighter and increasing its glory. Then the word just transformed and I saw the Lord Jesus Christ standing in the heavenlies now. See, this is the mystery of John 1:14, And the word became flesh You think the bible lies? I saw that with my own eyes that day. The word became flesh and I saw the Lord Jesus Christ now. I keep on meditating further and further. Then a light from the centre of the chest of the Lord Jesus Christ began to shine out. From small intensity of brightness it increased and increased and increased until the Lord Jesus Christ was covered with the ball of Light. And the holy spirit then signified to me this was how the Lord Jesus Christ looked like on the Mount of transfiguration. That is how Peter, James and John saw the Lord Jesus Christ on the Mount of transfiguration. I kept on meditating deeper and the ball of light increased its intensity, increased and increased and increased until it became a huge ball of sun. And I keep on meditating. Now I could feel the pain and the intensity of the light and the glory in my physical eyes. Although it was just a vision you know. Still you see, my flesh and my spirit became one. When they became one, I could feel as I feel in the spirit, I am feeling natural. Do you understand? It became one. That stands as both became one. And the light increased and increased until there was a explosion. And I was physically knocked down. The glory of the father God. See, this is how powerful meditation is. You are entering into the glories of heaven when you meditate the Lord Jesus Christ. An aspect of waiting on god transforms you and takes you into the very heart of God. Now , when you meditate the word of God it also sanctifies you. The bible says in Psalms 119:105, the word of God is like Light. Proverbs 6:23 also tells us the same thing. When you meditate that word, when yopu keep on speaking that word, the word that is nigh on your mouth will begin to enter into your spirit. Just like how when you eat food. It goes down your throat into your stomach. In the same way, when you start meditating the word over and over again it will flow down your spiritual throat inside your spirits. Going down into your spirit. And the bible says in Psalms 110:130, the entrance of God’s word gives light. That light is the holiness of God. Now, when the light goes into your spirit, it will begin to burn all the works of the flesh and the lusts of the flesh within you will begin to burn by the fires of God. When it begin to burn 2 Corinthians 7:1 says, all filthiness of your spirit and your flesh are been washed and burned by the fires in the word of God. Now, if you read Psalm 39:3 and Jeremiah 20:9, two scripture says, the word of God is like fire. So, when the word enters into your bean, the first work it does is, it sanctifies you. All the impurities in your spirit, in your soul and in your body it burns, it purifies and sanctifies you. This is the first miracle that takes place. Secondly, when you meditate the word of God, waiting in the presence of God, the word of God brings inspiration to your spirit. The bible says in Proverbs 20:27, ‘the spirit of man is the candle of Lord’. So, when the word - Now imagine like this, the candle is your spirit now. You are meditating the word of God and the word is light and the word starts entering into your spirit. At that point of contact there is a blinding explosion of light. Something equal to a nuclear fusion. In a nuclear fusion, scientists collide nuclei at fast speeds two atoms and when they collide, at that point of colliding they give a blinding explosion of energy called a nuclear fusion. That’s what happens when the light of the word touches the light of your spirit. When it comes in contact blinding flesh of light shoots directly upto heaven. The bible says in James 1:17, God is the father of lights. It goes straight upto him and when it touches God, then God gives back to you. James 3:17 says, multiple seven fold wisdom and inspiration. Now, why do all the angels in heaven need to praise and worship God? Just no need for them to praise and worship God. But if you studied the book of revelation very carefully they will use 7 different kinds of words. Always 7 words to praise God. Wisdom, Thanks, Glory, Honor, Power be unto God. Now, why isn’t got wisdom? Isn’t got glory? Isn’t got honor? So, why must the angels say all the four? By ascribing that all to God, God has created in a system that, then they shall receive wisdom, they shall receive honor, they shall receive glory by praising God, the angels are blessed in return. God doesn’t need the glory, honor and praise and all that because he is God. But by ascribing them all to God, the angels then in return are been blessed. With that glory, with that honor, with that wisdom, with that praise. Can you imagine what will be the spiritual state of the church if you follow the same godly principles. If you, when you gather standing as a congregation and the whole church in spirit and in truth, in the beauty of holiness, you are ascribing glory, honor, strength and praise to god all the time, the same will be reflected back to you and the church will not be dead. But this is where we are missing because we are always having entertainment services. Our Sunday worship is nothing but an entertainment service. You are the guest singer who comes and sing right? Who is he entertaining for? See how much we are fallen? We are fallen from the glory of God. Most of the songs we sing in churches are nothing but rubbish. I am sorry to say this. It only pacifies our flesh but not ascribe the glory to God. By singing, ‘Let the redeem of the Lord says so’, what Glory, honor, and praise to God is there in that song? This is just an example. If you make a study of the songs we sing in our church 95% are nothing but our appealing to our flesh. Just pure entertainment in the church. Make everybody jump up and down like kangaroos. We are not dancing in the spirit. Making crazy monkey moose in our churches. I am sorry for that frank opinion but it is. I have never seen any angels dancing like how we dance in our church. I have been graced and privileged by the mercies of God to witness the worships in heaven. And seeing the angels dance in such a beauty and harmony. They will be shocked to see in our churches. People run around the church building. I always wonder what are they doing? Have you seen that? Why are they going around the church building? I wonder why? Merry-go-round mountain, what is that? Losing their weight in the church service? (I am trying not to laugh). You see, what a mockery we are making the holiness of God. We are making a pure mockery in the name of worship. That is why we don’t experience the true Glory of God in our services. I say this with great love to you. The church must be restored back to worshipping God in the beauty of his holiness. Before she can experience the Glory of the God in the churches, the church will be raptured in power and Glory. She must learn how to worship God in spirit and in truth. Not the flamboyant display of how great voices we have. Shouting and singing to each other. If you don’t believe me, you watch Christian TV in your country. You will know, in the conferences, in the crusades, pop singers will shout at each other. I don’t know why they are shouting at each other when it should be a song of glory to the living God. Why are they looking at each other and shouting? Seeing who can sing better? If you are presenting the special song for the glory of God, shouldn’t you be presenting it to God? Other than looking and shouting at each other. What is this? There is no such thing as Christian Rock. My dearly beloved parents, it is your duty to teach your children, discipline your children what is right and what is wrong. If you allow them to do what they want to do, you are opening the door for the devil to wreck your family apart to pieces and bring them to hell. There is no such thing as Christian rock. This is another trick of the devil. So inspiration that comes from God, when the word of God lights up you, wisdom comes. Inspiration on the word of God is given to you. Deep understanding on the word of God is inspired to your mind, to your spirit, to your soul into your body. Let me reveal with you little deeper about this inspiration. Now the bible tells us in Proverbs 18:4, (quickly please turn with me), here it says, ‘The word’s of a man’s mouth are as deep waters, and the wellspring of wisdom as a flowing brook’. Now this scripture is making a reference to the word of God like the waters in your mouth. The simile is here like a water. Now I want to look at another scripture. Proverbs 20:5, ‘Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water but a man of understanding will draw it out’. Now, when you are waiting on God, meditating the word of God is like water within you. And when your spirit, when your soul becomes one with the Holy Spirit, deep within you it is like a deep well. Your spirit is inexhaustible. Limitless. Our body is limited but your spirit is without limit. And when you actually look within you can see deep, deep, deep within you, where it seems there is no end. Unless you are sitting in a waiting position and meditating the word, you can like drop a bucket and draw out from the fountain of eternal life. Deep mysteries of the word of God. This is how I understand the bible. That is why I am able to explain the mysteries to you. This is how I am practicing. This is how I learn it. When I meditate, I just go inside me into the heart of the Lord Jesus Christ. When you are into the heart of the Lord Jesus Christ, all this bible word becomes a living word. I actually see all the dramas being displayed. I will share with you in a little while how that is possible and how you can have blessed with that experience. So you learned to draw the waters, deep waters from within you. You don’t have to go here and there. There is no harm reading, commentaries reading, Greek or Hebrew. You can do all. No harm. However, remember all these externalities only satisfies your mind. It is good to know knowledge but don’t be satisfied with that. Don’t stop there. Meditate the word and you can draw out rich revelations that which the Lord Jesus Christ actually meant it would to be. There are actually 7 hidden meanings and mysteries to every word of God. And a man of understanding (this is what the scripture say)shall draw them out. A man of understanding he who waits upon the Lord and meditates the word shall draw out of its deep hidden riches. Thirdly, this revelation or this inspiration flows at 4 levels. If you read Ezekiel 47:3-5 there Ezekiel sees the river of life that flows out from the temple of God. And then he sees the 1st level riches is Ankle, then the river flows higher upto the Knee, then the river flows higher upto Waist, then upto the neck where he was swimming. 4 levels of increasing revelational knowledge or revelational experience. What are the 4 levels? Firstly, the Ankle level is the basic revelation that comes by inspiration. Job 32:8 says, there is a spirit in man and the Almighty gives him inspiration. Just say, inspiration that comes to you when you are meditating the word of God. Sudden fleshes of wisdom and sudden fleshes of understanding. This is the basic level of revelational experience that is the Ankle level. If you mature, then your experience increases upto your Knees. What is that? Now you can hear. The Holy Spirit himself teaching you. You can hear the still small voice of the Holy Spirit teaching you. 1 John 2: 27 says, the anointing that abides within you shall teach you. John 14:26 says, the Holy Spirit whom I shall send in my Father’s name shall teach you all things. So, when you reach the 2nd level you can actually hear with your spiritual ears. The Holy Spirit teaching you what does scripture means. When you mature again the 3rd level at the waist deep waters. What happens? Angelic beans come to teach you. Now, this Angelic beans I want to separate them into 2 categories. I use the word Angelic beans. They can be separated as Angels. Firstly, Angels, you can read in Daniel 8:15-16, how Angels constantly came and taught Daniel the word of God and if you read the book of Ezekiel, the entire book of Ezekiel, Angels came and taught him. Even if you look at the book of Revelation, Angels were assigned to teach John, the word of God. Our time does not permit me to share with you some of my experiences how Angels will come as I meditating the word of God. They will come and give me a revelation of the word that I am reading. The second aspect of an Angelic bean, the saints of God in heaven. They can come and teach you. Now, if you read Luke 9:31, At the Mount of transfiguration, Moses and Elijah appeared to the Lord Jesus Christ in glory and they taught him what the word says about the Messiah. They were reminding him of the word and they reminding him and bringing to his understanding all the prophecies in the Old testament concerning the sufferings of the Messiah. They were teaching him. Now, turn with me in Revelation 1:1, an Angel of the Lord was sent to teach John all the words about the end times and the heavenly things in the book of Revelation. Now please remember the word, an Angel was sent to teach John. Now, Revelation 22:6 says, and he said unto me these words are faithful and true, and the Lord God of the Holy prophets sent his Angel (now please note this scripture very carefully) these words are faithful and true and the Lord God of the holy prophets sent his Angel to show unto his servants the things which must shortly be done. So, the scripture is very clear that God spoke through an Angel to teach John about the end time things. Everybody agrees? So, the word is very clear isn’t it? Ok. Now let us read further Revelation 22:7, Behold, I come quickly; blessed is he that keepth the words of the prophecy of the book, and I John saw these things and heard and seen, I fell down to worship before the feet of the Angel who showed me these things. Now, whom was Jon going to worship? The Angel who was teaching him all things. Everybody agrees? Ok. Now let us look at who this Angel is? (Revelation 22:9) Then saith he unto me, see, thou do it not; for I am thy fellow servant and of thy brethren the prophets, and of them who keep the words of this book. So it is not an Angel. Agreed everybody? It is one of the prophets, a saint in heaven who was sent to teach John all these things. Now, this is not necromancy, speaking to the dead. How can you speak to the dead when they are living? Amen! When they are living and God is the God of the living how can you be talking to the dead? Now this is another corruption of whole theology. Remember as we are nearing towards the rapture, heaven and earth must become one and more such visitations are become very very common and apparent in the body of Christ. So the Angels and the Angelic beans will come and teach us the word of God and we have powerfully explained holy scriptures. Now the 4th level, the waters are at the neck that means now how he has to deeply swim. At this level, the Lord Jesus Christ himself comes to teach you the word of God. He himself will come and teach you, this is what my word says. That is how I am able to understand many many things of the scriptures. The very fact that I am able to stand before you for the past 4 nights and teach you all these things is none of my own meditation, none of my own research, none of the library of books that I have, nothing. It is only all these precious truth I received is waiting on God. Spending hours in prayer and then one revelation from God opens the whole world of revelation. And you can have the same blessed experience. It is not reserved for me. It is for everyone of you who are here. Do you believe that? Do you want that? It is for you. If you practice the same things as I am teaching you, I promise you in Jesus name tonight you not only can have the same experience I am sharing with you but even greater. Because you will have the advantage to build up on where I am and go one step higher. So the next time I would be sitting and learning from you. Won’t you like that? (Oh you selfish people). Finally, when you are meditating the word of God, it will begin to illumine and enlighten your eyes. Psalms 19:8, the meditation of the word of God enlightens our eyes. This eyes now is both the natural and the spiritual eyes. Now, the eagle has binocular eyes and microscopic eyes and it has double eyelids. When its eyelids closes once it can look directly at the sun and then the eyelids blink again it can look down on the earth to see a fish that is swimming in the waters or a lamb or a sheep running around. It has this ability. When you wait on God, meditating the word of God, the eyes of your understanding are enlightened. For you to know things heavenly and the things on this earth. Discern both rems together at the same time. You know everyone of us have the spiritual eyes. Do you know that? Now the spiritual eyes are located directly behind the natural eyes and the day when your spiritual eyes are opened. I am not talking about just a visitation now. Visitation you will not experience all these technicalities that I am explaining to you right now. A visitation is just your eyes just see. But I don’t want you to be satisfied with the visitations do you? I want you to climb up higher and turn a visitation into a habitation where you can forever be abiding in that place. When you are there you can actually fell your spiritual eyes opened up right behind the natural eyes. That is your own spiritual eyes but if you find favor in the eyes of God, God can give you another eye called the eyes of his understanding. This is written in Ephesians 3:18, and that eye the Lord will put in your heart. I entered into this experience in 1987. The Lord came and literally put this eye. This is what the new ages will call the third eye. Have you heard of that? Now, please let me repeat one more time. Whatever they claim is called ours. Rightfully ours. But because the church was in the dark ages she didn’t know how to enhance it. When the third eye is open then you can see far far greater things into the mind of Lord Jesus, into the kingdom of heaven instantly just like this within the snap of a finger. The moment you close your eyes, your eyes are open. You can even see through this eye, see the spirit world and the natural world at the same time just like the eagle eye. See, it is not by accident that the God used eagle as a parable in this passage. The good example for you is found in 2 Kings 6:15-17. There Elisha is surrounded by the enemies and his servant sees the enemies. Elisha comes out and he says ‘Don’t worry, they are for us are greater than they that are against us’ and the servant did not understand. And Elisha prayed and his eyes got open. He saw a mountain full of chariots and horses of fire. See, when Elisha came out of his prayer closet his eyes saw both the spirit rem and the natural rem. A binocular vision and a microscopic vision. Two worlds he saw at the same time. So he was able to say they that are for us are greater than that they are against us. Finally, (not actually finally,) Semifinally, when you meditate the word of God it purifies your heart to see the Lord Jesus Christ. John 14:21 says, he that meditated the word of God and practices ir, I will manifest myself to them. Colossians 3:16 says, store the word of God in your heart. Now I want you to give me your attention undivided right now as I explain to you technicality that is involved. Once you understand that technicality then you can understand how it works. See the word of God, the written word of God is the Lord Jesus Christ. Agreed everybody? Now, as you meditate the word of God, one word becomes in your heart, another word becomes in your heart, another word becomes in your heart and when the moment your heart is full you see Jesus there. The logos, the word became flesh. Psalm 16:8 says, I see the Lord Jesus Christ standing before my eyes, always he is standing there. What keeps you from not seeing him? The veil that is over your eyes, because the heart is empty. But once, when your heart is richly filled with the word, when the image of Christ in your heart is completed you see the Lord Jesus Christ standing right before you. This is a simple shortcut. You don’t have to fast and pray for 365 days. Shortcut to seeing the Lord Jesus Christ. Americans love shortcut don’t you? This is a drive by. This is the mystery of what the Lord Jesus Christ says, the kingdom of heaven is within you. This is what it means. The kingdom of heaven is not somewhere far away. It is just deep with in you. Then your soul and spirit becomes one with the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. And where the Lord Jesus is there you shall be also and then comes a beautiful experience in John 14:23 where the Lord Jesus says, if anyone loves me, he will keep my commandments and we will come and make our abode in you. The word abode is the word ‘tabernacle’. That is what is written here in 2 Corinthians 6:16. You r temple, your inner being becomes the garden of Eden where God walks in it and talks with you. It says very clearly right? It is not a figurative language. It means what the scripture says. He walks in you, he talks with you. This is my daily experience. When I become quiet, waiting on God, meditating the word of God I see within me. I am just entered into that within. There I am there in that Garden of Eden. In the Garden of Eden, the Lord Jesus Christ is there, all the saints are there. Its paradise. You know what Garden of Eden was in those days? Today it is paradise. In paradise you are in heaven. That is why translations are instantaneous because you don’t have to go too far. Just within you. Amen! My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, this concludes our study on waiting on God. As you practice this waiting on God, you can be transformed and translated from glory to glory to the various stages of becoming one with God. The ultimate purpose of waiting on God is to become like the Lord Jesus. That is the ultimate purpose that you all be changed, renewed and become like him. Amen!
Lift up your hands and give thanks to God. He is a good God. His grace and mercy endures forever and ever Amen! Amen! Amen!. Now I am going to pray for all your needs, whatever needs you may have. If you have a sickness in your body, take your right hand and put on the part of your body right now. If you don’t have a sickness but have some other issues on God to hear you and bless you, just take your right hand and put on your heart. Let me tell you one thing. I flow more in the anointing in mass prayer than in individual prayer. That is the time Lord Jesus comes and tells me about the people and he blesses you. So, that is the time you reach out your faith to grab the blessing. Don’t wait until the end of everything and you come individually to me for prayer. This is the better thing. Amen! Now reach out to the Lord Jesus Christ right now.
Thank you wonderful Jesus. You are a glorious God. Whatever your needs are my dearly beloved brother and sisters, make it known to the Lord Jesus Christ right now. Whatever they are, if it is a sickness, a disease in your body that is troubling you for a long time, tell it to the Lord Jesus. Take your right hand and put on the part of your body where you have a problem. Thank you glorious Jesus, wonderful precious Lord Jesus. Thank you Lord Jesus, your children had continued with me in this conference together with all the other speakers of all these past 4 days Lord. Now I pray you will stretch forth your hands and bless them abundantly. We read in your word that, when you finished your sermon on the Mount, you did not send anybody empty handed but you fed them and you also blessed them Lord. So, now I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ look upon them Lord! Look upon them! You have been gracious to forgive their sins, gracious to forgive their trespasses, gracious to forgive their transgressions. Now I pray, sprinkle your clean water upon them Lord and wash them thoroughly that they will be white and clean. Thank you wonderful Jesus. Lord, your word says, if you abide in me and my words abide in you, whatever you shall be asked in my name it shall be granted to you. Lord, they have been abiding in you for these last 4 days Lord and your words that has been spoken by all your saints has been abiding in them, therefore now I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that thou who searches the hearts and minds of your people look into their hearts. What are the need Lord I pray, divine, look into their hearts and I pray, grant them Lord the desires of their hearts that it may become one with you. Set them free Lord Jesus Christ, set them free. Do a good work in their lives. Grant them Lord their needed blessings they need in their lives. Now I pray Lord Jesus, look at all the sick bodies, Your word tells us, by your stripes we are healed and your word says, you have given that your name is high above all other names. Therefore your name is greater than the name of cancer. Your name is greater than the name of any sickness, any disease in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. According to the authority that you have given unto me, I now command in Jesus name, I rebuke every sickness, I rebuke every disease in Jesus name I command the sickness and the diseases to come out right now in the name of Jesus. I command you every foul, unclean spirit to come out right now in Jesus name. I command you spirits of infirmity come out right now in the name of Jesus. I command this sickness and disease be set free in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. In Jesus name, Lord I command and be healed right now in Jesus name. Let them feel your anointing and your healing power flowing all over them right now. Right now. Let them tangibly feel, literally feel your power flowing all over them. Your lipid fire, your wind of the spirit flow all over them the crown of the head to the sole of their feet in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I command them to be healed in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let your healing anointing flow all over them right now. Let every deceased organ in the womb I command and be healed right now. Right now. I command every blood disorder I command in Jesus name, be healed right now. I command every low blood, high blood, irregular pressures of blood in the body I command them in Jesus name return them to the normal pressure right now. Thank you wonderful Jesus. Thank you wonderful Jesus. I command every breathing disorder of bodies be healed right now in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you wonderful Jesus. I command every sugar level in the blood, every diabetic conditions in the name of Jesus Christ be healed right now. Right now. Let your healing anointing flow. Let it flow, let it flow all over their bodies Lord. Let your children tangibly feel your anointing flowing within their bodies. Let them feel it all within their bodies. I command every deceased kidneys be healed in the name of Jesus right now. Thank you wonderful Jesus. I command every sinus problem and every sickness in their nose, I rebuke you spirits of infirmity come out right now in the name of Jesus. You fowl unclean spirit I command your chains of darkness be broken out their lives right now in the name of Jesus. I command every powers of witchcraft be broken right now over the lives of the people of God in the name of Jesus. I declare no weapon that is formed against them shall ever prosper. And your word says Lord, there is no enchantment or divination against the children of Israel. I now take this word and I break the offender. Every works of darkness against them in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you wonderful Jesus, Glorious mighty Jesus. All pastors put up your hand right now. Thank you wonderful Jesus. Lord Jesus look at your ministers and your servants right now. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I come against every principality that is working against their churches. I command the dominions and the power that are disrupting souls that are coming to the churches I bind them in the name of Jesus Christ. And I command let the windows of heaven be opened for their churches and the Angels of God will go into highways and byways to bring the source into their churches. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I break every powers of witchcraft in their churches right now. I command Lord all those who are working witchcraft prayers in their churches I command that your fires of holiness will drive them out of their churches right now in the name of Jesus. Thank you wonderful God, Thank you woinderful God. You are a good God. You are a gracious God. Common lift up your holy hands and give glory and thanks to the living God right now. Give thanks to him for healing you. Give thanks to him for blessing you. Common, open your mouth and give thanks to God. Give thanks to God for setting you free from all kinds of bondages that have chocked you in bondage. Thank you wonderful Jesus. I want to pray for all your children right now. Those of you have children or grand children lift up your hands to the throne of the God right now. As I am praying I want you to mention the name of the children and grand children before God. Holy father, I have spoken to your children according to the inspiration that you have shown me Lord. Now, I pray let all their children grow in the spirit that they grow in stature, they grow in wisdom, they will grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, that they will grow in the understanding in the ways of God for their lives. I pray that you will bless them according to your word in James 1:5 with all wisdom and understanding. I plead the blood of Lord Jesus Christ over their minds, over their souls, over their spirits that you will protect our children from all defilement lord that they will be protected from all defilement of the flesh and of the spirit and most importantly I pray that they will not lose their faith in the midst of the faithless, crooked and perverse generation Lord. I pray Lord that your grace will protect all our children till you come again in glory, till the purposes and destinies of the Lord are fulfilled in their life and I pray that the Angels of God will seal them Lord, seal them that the evil will not have authority over their lives. And I pray holy father, those of their children who have gone astray, I pray that even right now as we pray, Holy Spirit you will convict them of sin and of the righteousness of God and of the Judgment of God and will bring them back into the saging knowledge of Lord Jesus Christ. I command that the powers of lust will be broken over our children Lord. I command the powers of fornicating sexual sins will be broken over their children’s life in the name of Jesus Christ. I command the powers of deviling into alcohols and witchcrafts be broken over their lives of their children in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Father I pray that all their children will be taught of you Lord and will be prepared for your Glory, to meet you in glory. Thank you wonderful Jesus, you are a good God. Your grace and mercy endures forever and ever. Amen!