How to wait on God - Part 3   by Bro. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Turn your bibles with me to the book of Isaiah 40:31, but they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. The bible says in Psalm 46:10, Be still and know that I am God. If you cannot still, you cannot know God is standing infront of you. If all that is within you are disturbed and agog how can you see him who is standing right before you? Let me give you a simple illustration, if you go and stand infront of a pool of water, if you look down, you can see your reflection, am I right? If you take a pebble and throw into the waters, the fall of the stone cause ripples into the waters. And when the waters are disturbed, then when you look down, you can no more see your face, because it is all disturbed. But when the waters are calmed back and when you look down you can see your reflection in the waters. It is the same. When your heart is so disturbed, so disquieted your are so busy within you, you are rushing, you want to quickly finish the Lord’s prayer from the first word to the Last word and you need to rush because, you want to go somewhere, you need to go to McDonnell’s or you need to watch your favorite movie or you need to sit down and talk, all kinds of grandmother fairy tales. If your heart is so disturbed, you cannot hear God, You cannot see God and you cannot be invited into his house. That is the purpose God is calling you to wait on him because he wants to invite you into his house. If you are a child of God, are you? Then you should know your father’s house. The Lord Jesus said, in my Father’s house there are many mansions, what does that mean many mansions? Just a house or like the big house that the queen lives in Buckingham palace? Is that what mansion means? No. Old theology. Change your old theology. Mansions doesn’t means mansions, it means plains of existence. Many many many not one or two. Only 3 heavens are mentioned in the bible but there are many heavens. Plains of existence. Each people group, each saint group, each Angelic group in different plains of existence. Now, let me tell you, to you is granted to be at the highest place, it is granted. But it is where will you be you are choosing. You choose but let me repeat one more time. To you is given the highest blessing that you could come and be and abide at the highest rem that is given unto you. But you choose, it is not an automatic privilege. You can choose to be at the highest place or at the lowest place. How you live your life on this earth determines where you will be in the next life. Do not be fooled my dear brothers and sisters, you can lose your salvation and end up in hell. Don’t you ever be fooled by the Old theology, once saved always safe. The real bible does not teach like that. He that endures till the end for he shall be saved. If you don’t endure till the end, you backslide half way or if you give up the faith half way have been gone and enjoy all the world hoping that one minute before death you will confess all your sins, it doesn’t work. Remember you cannot fool God. You can fool anybody under the sun except the living God. When he looks at you, his eyes are deep unto your naked heart. All things are naked. Two weeks ago I was In Edmonton for a series of conference. On the Last night the Lord Jesus told me, tonight I want to bless the young people. Tell them those who truly want to consecrate their life, come forward and surrender themselves. About 100 -150 young people came running to the front. And as they knelt down, some were lying on their faces, they were beating upon their breasts and crying out to God. The Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me and he said, and he had a lamb in his hand those they use in the olden days you know. He took the lamb in his hand and went before one by one at the young people. As he went beside one by one, all their hearts became naked and transparent to my eyes. And when I looked into their hearts, many of them, their sins are all written in their hearts. Some of them have good things written there, some of them, all their hidden sins are written. They were 150 of them. I saw all their hearts what the Lord Jesus Christ was seeing, he allowed me to see and some of them I have told them, this is what your problem, this is what your problem. See, all are naked before the eyes of the living God. So, don’t fool. When you sincerely repent you don’t give excuses. If you give excuses to why you sin, it is not repentance. This was the problem with Adam and Eve. Instead of humbly admitting, Yes LORD we sin, they were pointing their finger at each another and what our forefathers did those days we are still doing it today. We are giving God a good logical reason why we sin hoping that by our reasoning we can buy his pardon. It doesn’t work like that. Forgiveness is freely given to you by the Lord Jesus Christ when you humbly fall on your face and admit that you have sinned. Shortcut to forgiveness is by falling on your face and admitting that sin and not giving any excuses. You know all the sins and the adulterous lifestyle that the King David lived, why the bible says, he is a man of the God’s own heart? Because Firstly, He was always willing to obey whatever God tells him to do. Secondly, he will always fall on his face and repent whenever his sins are pointed out. You will never find him giving any excuses. He was quick to repent and no justifying of his sins. Thirdly, he loved the Lord God with all his heart. Granted he had weakness in his flesh. The Lord saw the pureness of his heart and that is why he said the man of my own heart. My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, the entrance into the throne room of God is humility. If we cannot humble ourselves, if we always think that we are somebody great, that we always know better than others that is the first step keeping you far away from the kingdom of heaven. You know if you ever meet a truly saint man of God, who really walks with God and if you ask them how much do you know about God and the true saint will always say nothing. You know why every time you get one step closer to God, you realize you know nothing. Something new opens up to discover, when they realize that they know nothing it brings a crushing blow to their knowledge and then they fall on their faces ‘O Lord give me grace to know you more, know you more, know you more’. Have you heard of Saint Francis of Assisi. A remarkable remarkable saint of God, next to Moses he must be the meekest man on planet Earth. The most meekest man on planet earth. That is how God sees him. Next to Moses, the meekest man on planet earth. And he was a richest man in his town. The richest man, he surrendered everything and gave away to the poor adopted a life of celibacy and then he went about like a homeless man. Don’t write people off because they are catholics. I tell you many of the catholic saints are more Godly and Holy than the charismatic ones. You want to say a big Amen to that. They are more Godly and more Holy than this tongue talking spirit filled charismatic preachers. Such a passion, such a love for the Lord Jesus Christ. That is why many of them always had a face to face encounter with the living God. I told you about Mother Theresa 2 nights ago how she had such a deep walk with God. She truly had, she had a deep walk with God. That is why in all the people in history she was the only one who was canonized the quickest. Heaven moved on her behalf. I guess so. And then again a big sin has been committed because they started praying to her. We don’t want to do that, do you? They that wait upon the Lord, So that you need to learn to wait upon the Lord. So when you wait upon the Lord, the bible tells us 4 different kinds of results that will takes place. Look at the scripture, they shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. Tonight I am going to share with you what are the results that can takes place when we wait on the Lord. So that with proper knowledge and understanding we can properly position ourselves with wait on the Lord and as you may enter stage by stage from the outer chord to the holy place to the most holy place and then beyond the most holy place you can understand what is happening because the bible says with knowledge make walk. So, we must know where we are walking. Let us look at the 1st blessing ‘Renew their strength’. Now the word renew in the original Hebrew language is ‘exchange’. So when you wait on the Lord, the 1st blessing that takes place in your life is your weaknesses, your ugliness they are removed, they are taken away from you and they are exchanged in return for something new. Now the eagle maintains its youthful strength till it dies to the continual process of moulting. So every time when it feels weak, it loses its strength, it loses its power it goes into the mountain top and just moults by stretching forth its wings and looking directly to the sun. It will never take its eye from looking at the sun. It will keep on standing at the mountain top and just stare at the sun for weeks and weeks and weeks until it is totally renewed and its old feathers had dropped off and new feathers grow and the strength is reestablished. Psalm 92: 10 says, you shall be anointed with fresh oil. When you wait upon the Lord this is the 1st miracle that takes places. You see, Christ likes giving energizing power flows within your body and it flows within every fiber, every vein in your body to invigorate, to replenish, and to strengthen the physical body from all damage whatever that may have been done. It is a total DNA repair work. All the cells, this is not a spiritual miracle that is taking place, a real physical miracle. Even the damaged cells in your body, you talk about all the anti wrinkling cream or anti aging cream. Don’t waste your money buying all the cream, give it to me; I will give you better secret. You practice waiting on God, I tell you, and you will lose 20 years of your life. This is guaranteed, if not come and see me. You know what the secret to Moses being full of strength is and he did not lose power in his eyesight even when he was 120 years old. This was his secret, waiting on God. Continuously abiding in the holy of holies was continuously changing his body. This is what how the Lord told me about his life. I saw him entering into the pillar of fire and the fires of holies were burnt through his body. The bible says, his skin was all shining with light right? You don’t need any radiance cream. Give me your money I am teaching you secrets. You see, the Lord Jesus says, you are the light of the world and the spirit of man is the candle of Lord. There is a candle within you when you wait on the Lord, the light that is within you will increase in brightness. It will increase in brightness and it will keep on increasing, increasing, increasing. One fine day the light will pierce through your skin and shine through. This is what the Lord Jesus taught me which I wrote in my book ‘into his lightness, a step by step process how it is takes place. It is possible for every ordinary believer. You don’t have to be in full time ministry, you don’t have to be a great saint of God. Any ordinary believer, who practices waiting on God, can enter into the fullness of all that God has for you. Do you believe that? For such purpose, Jesus Christ died on the cross to give you all the rich inheritance. So why are we living like turkeys? Aren’t you living like that? Aren’t most people living like turkeys? Contended with only the filth of this world when you can soar like eagle in the heavenlies. This is your rich call. In the year 1991, when I was writing this book ’women are special to God’ I was continuously writing for 12 hours everyday nonstop. For 12 hours and on the 3rd day every bone in my body was crying in pain. The only time I take a break is the time when I go to have the lunch or dinner and sleep for few hours in the night. Other than that I will be sitting in my office for 12 hours everyday and writing the book. On the 3rd day when I felt that all the bones in my body was going to break into pieces, I thought to myself let me just go and lie down on the bed and rest for a while. So I lied down, then suddenly a thought came into my mind, why am I wasting my time lying down when I can wait on the Lord? Because the bible says they shall renew their strength. I have been preaching that. So what is the use if I don’t practice what I preach? Agreed. So I got up from my bed and I knelt down and I just bowed and practice waiting on God for 45 minutes. That is when I last opened my eyes I saw 45 minutes have passed by. But the moment when I opened my eyes I never felt any tinge of tiredness or pain in my body. It was as if I was never exhausted in the first place. Totally exchanged. All the tiredness, all the exhaustion totally exchanged for brand new strength. So, don’t waste time sleeping. Don’t waste time going on a vacation and get more tired. Don’t you end up doing that? You get more exhausted on a vacation than your normal life. The next time you want to go on a vacation practice waiting on God. You will totally be exchanged and when you come out of your closet you will be 10 years younger. Then remember to send me all your offerings. So this is the first miracle that takes place. Secondly, we will skip mount up with wings like eagles, I will keep it for the last because that is a big topic. Now, look at the 3rd one, they shall run and not be weary, run and not be weary. Now, this will very specifically applied to all the ministers who are in the auditorium to all those who are in the ministry. Ofcourse it applies to everybody but more specifically it applies to those who are in the ministry. Now what does run and not be weary. So, in the Ark of the Covenant, the Ark of the Covenant represents waiting on God. You need to read the book ‘prayer secrets in the tabernacle that will give you the aspect of waiting on God that which we are not covering in this aspect. So, the Ark of the Covenant represents waiting on God. So in the ark there were 3 things, the golden pot of manna, the 10 commandments, the tablets of stone, and Aaron’s rod that budded. Those are the 3 things kept in the ark. So, when you wait on God, so run and not be weary from the golden pot of manna, Gods RHEMA word will come to you. His RHEMA word will come to you. Now look at the life of the Apostle Paul, the greatest of all the New Testament Apostles, even upto our present times. Acts 26:19 says, I have not been disobedient to the heavenly vision I saw. How could he say that after so many years, that I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision? How is it possible? If you read Philippians 2:16 and 2 Timothy 4:8, it says, I ran the race that was set before me, I kept my faith and I did not lose it. Since now the Olympics is going on, this is a good time to say a good illustration about the Olympics. In the ancient Olympics, the runner, you know they will be running a race holding a torch in their hand. The winner is not necessarily is always the one who crosses the finishing line first. The winner is he who crosses the finishing line with the torch still burning in his hands. So, if you cross the finishing line with no flames in your torch, you are disqualified. You must cross the finishing line with the torch still burning in your hands. The Apostle Paul said, I have kept my faith, the torch was burning, till he cross the finish line he did not lose his faith, he did not lose focus of his call. He did not lose sight of his vision, passion that which God called him. So many times you get so defocused, lose your grace, lose your anointing, lose your vision because you get sidetrack as you are running the race. Why? Because you turn to look to the left, you turn to look to the right, you turn to look to the back, You turn to look to the front but you never look right on top. You look at everywhere around you to copy methods. It doesn’t work like that. So many years ago, I was preaching to a very charismatic church in Singapore. And the Pastor of the Church is a University professor. So after the service that morning he invited me to lunch to a very posh country club. I felt so uneasy to walk into the country club because everybody was nicely dressed except me. So every face was turning and looking at me what is this strange priest coming into a country club. They thought the priest should not be in a country club they should be in the country. So we sat for lunch, while we were eating, this professor asked me a question. He asked how you relax. I said I relax by waiting on God. He said, I know you wait on God but how do you really relax? I said yes pastor; I relax by waiting on God. He said yeah, that is what the bible says, how do you really relax, relax? I must honestly confess, I really did not know the meaning of the question. Because how can it be so strange to say I am waiting on God. So then I turned and asked before I could answer him the third time to understand his question, So, Pastor how do you relax? He said, Oh, I come thrice a week and play Golf in this club. Ah I see, no wonder you are so defocused. I told him that. No wonder you do not know what is happening in your church. No wonder you need to invite me and tell you what is God thinking about your church. My dearly beloved ministers of God, you have been called to serve the Almighty God, not serve an organization. If you believe that Jesus Christ is your boss, then you must get guidance and counsel from your own boss not from your own plans. You don’t make your own plans. You know at the end, at the beginning of every year I always fast for 40 days and ask the Lord what the Lord wants me to do for this year and the blueprints or the plans that he gives me is what then I do for the rest of the year. So, even when the Lord give me that for 3 times, I fasted for 40 days. 3 times, seeking clearly from God, how to do this work. See, there are so many Christian TV stations in the US and in Europe. When God calls us to do something it is not to duplicate what something else already exists. So, if God wants to duplicate, why God need you? He doesn’t need you. He can call that same man and do that work. Each one of you has a specific call on your life. Don’t run to the east, don’t run to the west, don’t run to the north, and don’t run to the south to look for what you can copy. Lift up your up your eyes and look to where your help comes from the hills from above. From above you will get your plans. Look at Exodus 25:40, where all the blueprint of the making of the tabernacle was given to Moses. Such a thing never existed before and if you read 1 Chronicles 28:12, King David received the blueprint to built Solomon a temple for God. It was King David who received the blueprint not Solomon. But God did not allow King David to build the temple but it was Solomon who built the temple. It was the Father who received the blueprint from God and he gave to the son and does it. You know in heaven, our dear brother Keith Davis has written a very good book called ‘Book of destiny’. They gave me a copy this morning and I was reading the 1st few chapters. It’s a wonderful book. Don’t leave this conference without that book. And in which he talks about the treasure houses in heaven, the library in heaven where many many books are kept. I want to tell you, among the many books that are kept in heaven, there is also on big room or a big Jaw where blueprints for ministries, for churches, for individual’s life kept there. Even if God wants you to build a building, church building or whatever building, even the architectural blue prints are all kept there. When you wait on God, the Angels will bring those blueprints and give it to you. A few months ago when I was once fasting and praying for the TV channel God wants me to do, an Angel of the Lord appeared to me and he had a scroll in his hand and he gave me the scroll and he said take a look. And I opened the scroll; it was an architectural blueprints how I should construct our studio. Every dimension, how the entire building should look like. All the architectural draughtsman, like a draughtsman who draw it like the exact last iota it was shown to me. So it was all are kept there waiting for the people of God to come and take it. If you will go about doing something that is not according to God’s perfect will for you in heaven, at the end of your life if you come and stand before him, be careful, you may hear him saying, I do not know who you are or he may say Did I ask you to do all that? I did not ask you to do all this. I did not ask you to go to China, I did not ask you to go to India, and did I ask you to do that? No. You wanted to go, you wanted to go that is your desire, did I ask you to do that? One of the Godliest, saintliest man that ever lived in the US or the US has produced is Brother Kenneth Haggin. One of his books I read that once the Lord appeared to him in the 50s and this was about 16 years after he was pasturing a church. The Lord Jesus told him, now you are going to enter into the first phase of my ministry for you. He was so shocked, he looked at the Lord Jesus and said, what do you mean first phase? What about the 16 years that I did? The Lord Jesus had that smile and he said, I did not ask you to pastor a church. You know when I first read that 20 – 25 years ago, I was shocked, I put down the book afraid to continue any further. For more than an hour I just sat on my chair pondered deeply over and over again 16 years of hard work and the Lord Jesus Christ said, I did not ask you to do all this, you wanted to pastor a Church, I did not ask you to do that, it is never in my record. All you pastors, you know it is never easy to pastor a church, big headache. I always thank God I am not a pastor but I have great love for all pastors because they carry so much of pain in their heart, so much of pain, so much of brokenness. It is not easy you know. It is easy to criticize a pastor but you will never know the brokenness they go through before the throne of God. The Lord has allowed me to see many many times the hearts of pastors. I have seen them broken and bleeding. They may be good or bad or ugly but they are the best that God has given to you. Your pastor may not be the perfect one he is the best God has given to you. If you think he is not perfect heaven think that you are not perfect. So the score is even right? So, I was so shocked when I read that. The Lord said 16 years of ministry is not in my records, I have not entered into my record at all. Only now when you are going into itinerant ministry this is the beginning of my perfect will for you. So that reinforced further that I must not make a mistake. SO that was the good reading I got early in my ministry so that I don’t have to regret after 25 years. This is the reason why I emphasize so much about praying and seeking the will of God. I have never done in my ministry; I am not bragging please I am just saying it as a testimony. I never do anything in my ministry without the express perfect will and revelation of God. I don’t want to be famous, I don’t wish to be well known, I never asked for all these. I will rather be well known in heaven than be unknown in heaven. So, that is my ultimate goal. That should be your ultimate goal. At the end of the day, the world is not going to give you a Gold medal. You are going to stand before the king of kings and the Lord of Lords and he will ask you what have you done? And what will you say on that day? All your degrees, your PhD 1,2& 3 whichever it is you cannot bring it upto heaven, they don’t recognize it. The only thing recognizable is the fruit of the Spirit. That is the ultimate test. Not the great millions of souls that you are going to bring to heaven. No no no. Please remember the statement I have made earlier, where you will be in the rems in heaven depends on how Godly life you live on this earth. I was once praying with a prophet friend of mine, a very very saintly prophet of God. We were praying and I was caught up in the spirit in a vision and I was standing in a certain place in heaven and one of the elders in heaven came to talk to me and on the other end where we was standing in heaven, I saw another group of saints, they were just mingling among themselves and having a fellowship among themselves. So, this prophet friend of mine was just standing a little distance between me and this elder and the elder began to talk to me and said, he talked to me about protocol in heaven. How there is a protocol in heaven? The elders, then the brothers, then friends, different different protocol in heaven and after seeing all that, he pointed out at this prophet friend of mine and he said, we are so happy that your friend has been promoted to walk with the elders in heaven. So, hearing that I was so overjoyed. So, only then I understood something else about promotion in heaven how you can walk in different rem or different glory in heaven. Even among the saints and the believers in heaven, they are divided according to the amount of Glory and the holiness that you have developed on this earth before you go into heaven. There is no more growth up there. We are not going to conduct any crusade up in heaven, who wants to get saved there? Everybody is saved. You are not going to conduct a healing crusade because everybody are well and hold. You are not going to conduct any teaching conference because the word himself is there and you shall know all things as you are known. Now this is a mystery which we don’t have time to go deeper into what it really means and you shall know as you are known. Many many wonderful things God has kept in store for his people but look what are we contended with, fighting among ourselves, fighting for credit card payments, fighting for a mortgage payment, fighting husband’s and wife divorcing one another, young people sleeping around with one another and you gave problems in the church, you gave problems outside the world. Look at all these mess and we get ourselves tangled with. The bible says, a soldier who is in a war should not get himself entangled with the affairs of this world. We are pilgrims. This world is not your real world. We are pilgrims so why are you living a life as if this world is your permanent home. Why? You have no eternity in your heart. Suddenly when you close your eyes, now remember one thing, death does not send you an email before it comes. You know about 2 weeks ago, one of the widows that we were supporting in India suddenly died and I was very grieved in my heart. This widow is the mother of my closest associate in India and she was a widow for 20 – 30 years. Suddenly she died because an infected dog bit her so she died. Nothing we can do about it. Now last night after the meeting, when I went back home I was so blessed by Sister Hady, so I knelt down and prayed for her and thanked to God for this precious life. As I was thanking God 2 angelic beans appeared before me and one of them gave me a message of another aspect of a blue print that was revealed to me concerning what I should do next year in Tibet, then there was another Angelic bean and he told me, you know that women she has gone to hell, a Christian, she has gone to hell. She never entered into the kingdom of heaven. All her life, I know this woman very well. Whenever she comes to collect the little offering that we give her, I always tell her, put your life right, and don’t seek the things of this world. Seek after the things of God. You know you are already advancing in age. Who knows how long you will live? The remaining years of your life, live unto God, live unto holiness for God. She will just smile the same kind of smile you know. But today see what happened, I was so grieved when I heard that last night I was so grieved and there came such a pain my heart because the way that the Angel told me, he expressed that grief that pain in his own heart. The only thing that short was the Angel weeping and crying. He came so close to that when he said about that woman. My dear brothers and sisters, where you will go in the next world is determined by you in this world. You can enter into outer darkness or you can enter into the kingdom of righteousness. Even if you enter into the kingdom of righteousness, you can stand at the fringes at the kingdom of righteousness or enter into the most holy of holies into the vastness of the glories. Look at your hands please. Look at your hands and you say, in these hands I have that power. You have the power to decide. That’s why the bible says, in Colossians 3: 1-3, Seek those things that are above. Do not put your heart on the treasures of this world. Don’t put your heart on this world. All the treasures, all the riches, all the wealth god gives you are not for you to hold on to. God gives you to give it away. If you don’t give it away you will become Dead Sea. If you give it away you become rivers of living waters and the more God treasures you to bless others. You know early in my ministry the Lord taught me to give the tithe of the tithes to other poorer ministries. So 10% of our total income or even 15% of out total income I set aside and give it to other poorer ministries. Even now we are raising 15 million dollars for the TV channel that we are going to do, the Lord told me, even before day1 we started raising the fund he said, remember the poor. I will bless you but remember the poor. So every time we get after in every meeting we raise a fund as soon as I go back to office, as soon as we send out all the receipts to all of you, I will tell my staff, take 15% of it and give to other poorer ministries. This is something I have been practicing for the last 25 years of our ministry and all these 25 years I have never entered into any debt. No debt because I don’t believe in going into debt. If god gives we will do, if he doesn’t gives praise the Lord. Why should I do things out of my flesh? God is still Jehovah-Jireh. He can give right? So, when you wait on God, God can open the eyes of your understanding and reveal to you his plans for your ministry, his plans for your church, and his plans for your life. Several years ago, a Pastor friend of mine came and asked me to pray with him. I said, alright pastor, what I can agree with you in prayer. He told me, his church has been so dry averaging 80 members for the last 10 years. So he felt that he must do something to increase the membership. I said that is a very noble quest, so what do you intend to do? He said, I want to go to Toronto and Pensacola and study the secrets to church growth and revival in all those places. So next week, he came to see me on a Saturday, so the following Monday, he was going to fly to Toronto first, spend a week there study all the techniques that made Toronto a success and then fly to Pensacola and learn the methods there what made Pensacola so successful and then come back home to apply all the methods to make his church successful. I said, alright Pastor, so we knelt down to pray, As we knelt down, the Lord Jesus Christ came and told me, tell him for his church to grow he doesn’t need to go to Toronto or to Pensacola, ask him to wait at my feet. If he waits at my feet I will give him my plans for his church that it can become a success. What works for Pensacola will not work for you, what works for Toronto will not work for you. Remember please, you cannot duplicate methods, you can duplicate principles but you cannot duplicate methods. So, the word was given to the Pastor, when the Prayer was finished, the Pastor got up he looked at me and said, Thank you brother for the Prayer. I will see you after 2 weeks after I came back from Pensacola. I couldn’t believe my ears. Nevertheless I kept my opinion to myself. You know this is none of my business to tell him what I feel. That is not my business. So he went back and had a good vacation in Toronto and a good vacation in Pensacola and he came back to his Church and he was so excited to implement all the strategies. After 3 months he was kicked out from the Church. Why? It all failed. It all failed. He was forcibly kicked out of the Church and his Church board invited me to be a mediator to that ceremony. So, how can I take sides right? So, I tried to be objective as possible and I listened to the Church board’s point of view and I listened to the Pastor’s point of view, I said this is the best solution. Today the same Pastor, he has got a PhD degree in Theology, divinity, ministry all the things has only 10 members in his Church. And half the Church members are his relatives. See what is the problem? The problem is you are running to the east, to the west, to the north, to the south except above. Why it is so difficult? Why it is so difficult? He who call you is faithful. You are not serving me, you are not serving yourself, you are not serving your Church board, you are not serving your denomination, and you are not serving even the church that employs you. Dear ministers of God don’t be bought by money. If God tells you to do something, don’t let your Church board dictate to you what you should do, what you should not do. I have good givers, some people regularly gives to our ministry. But I always tell all our partners, nobody can buy me. I thank you for your giving but if you think you can buy me to prophesy to you just because you give me 10000 dollars or 100000 dollars, it won’t work. I will rather return your money to you. Last year when we were raising funds for TV ministry one lady in St.Louis gave me a cheque of 100000 dollars and she said please pray I am going through a serious problem, I would like to hear a word from the Lord. I said Ok sister let us pray. So I prayed after receiving that cheque, so I prayed, Lord Jesus bless this dear woman for her generous heart. Amen! She said ‘no word’. I said ‘no word’ Do you want your cheque back? I came into this world with nothing and if I have nothing it doesn’t bother me. I said, do you want it back? She didn’t say but this year when she was at that meeting in St. Louis, on the final afternoon I was preaching, the Lord Jesus came, he pointed a finger at that woman and he said ‘tell her this words’ (Pastor Lenny Baba is sitting there he is a witness to all these words I am telling you,) he pointed a finger and he gave her a wonderful word. She was at the lowest point of her life in her ministry, that word totally boosted up her faith, encouraged her soul, you know after the meeting she came and she hugged and cried and cried saying what a word it was, it was a healing bomb to the broken heart. See God knows your heart. Amen! So when you wait on God, he can give you the blueprints that can be a guiding beacon for you to be successful in the works that you do for the living God. Please remember dear ministers of God, success in the ministry are not how big the church you have. Success is doing the perfect will of God. You know sometimes it is so fashionable today when ministers in a pastor’s fellowship they meet each other they will ask, how many numbers are there in your church? Do you have this disease her? You do? You see this is a worldwide problem. They will ask how big your Church is. How big is your Congregation? Tell them next time you are not living in the book of Numbers but you live in the book of Acts. Those who want to live in the Old Testament let it be. You are living in exciting times in the book of Acts. Amen! The third blessing you get after waiting on God is ‘They shall walk and not faint’. They shall walk and not faint – what does that mean? Isaiah 40:20 says, God gives strength to the faint hearted. Those who are discouraged, those who are about to give up, those who are about to throw up their hands and throw up their ministry and faint, resign their ministry, go back to the world, psychological world, God gives strength. Now, the 2nd thing that is in the Ark of the Covenant is the stones – the tablet of stone. What is that? That is the logos word of God, the written word of God. When you are waiting on God, God can give you a word from the written word that will strengthen your heart, that would enable you to keep on walking and walking and walking and you will not faint. When I was saved in June 1978, I tried to keep my faith hidden from my family because my father was a Hindu priest but I was caught and went to little persecutions and then in 1979, after my baptism in March 1979, the Lord called me to the ministry. So I was so afraid to go and tell my parents that God is calling me to the ministry because I had build up all the aspirations and their hope that I am going to become a neurosurgeon. It is a big thing in the Indian families for their son to become a Lawyer or an Engineer or a Doctor. So I personally had that ambition to be a neurosurgeon and when the Lord called me to the ministry I was so afraid to tell them not knowing what is going to happen. So finally when I broke the news all hell, not even all hell, all that is within hell they broke loose. My father was so mad at me and he shouted at me and said I will not give you a single cent for what you are going to do. So, I said alright, what else to do. So, I went into my bedroom, I sat on my bed, almost at the verge of weeping, now I need to go to a bible school for some kind of training how to be a minister and I have no money what to do now? So I was just lying on my bed and reading the bible and I was reading Matthew 6. When I came to verse 25, look at the birds in the air, when I read that scripture, I saw a hand coming down from heaven, a real hand came down and wrote verse 25 upto verses 33 in my heart. I really felt. If you take your finger and write something on your heart how do you feel that? I literally felt a hand writing all those 10 scriptures in my heart. When it reached the verse 33 every single thought for worry disappeared from my mind. That is 1979 now it is 2004; I never know what it is to worry for food, for clothes or for my personal need. I do not know what it means because it is not inside me anymore. If I don’t have I say alright praise the Lord, God will give. I never stood in any pulpit in the 45 nations that I have been around the world and ever told anybody my personal needs, never. This is a covenant I made with the Lord when I accepted God’s call to serve him full time. I said I will never open my mouth and mention to anybody my personal needs. I will never do that. Since it is your idea that I serve you resigning my work from been a high school teacher, it was not my idea, it was his idea. So therefore you are responsible to take care of me. So the Lord said, Ok fine, no big deal. Till today he has been faithful and true to his part of the deal of the covenant and I have been true to my part of the deal. So whenever I have a need, I don’t have any medical insurance, sometimes some kinds of sickness develop in my body, I just kneel down and pray. I say Lord Jesus, this is your body, you are not paying me a salary for me to buy a medical insurance, you don’t do that, although the school I worked for did all that, you don’t do that. So therefore if you think you need this body heal it . This is how I always pray. If you don’t want to heal it then why should I spend money for medicines? Why? If the Lord has determined I doesn’t need this body anymore why should I make this body well and hold. So it is time to let this body down to the ground. So, suddenly the Lord will think that is right, we still need this body for some time, so let me instantly heal this body right now. Instantly, I am not exaggerating anything you know. I am just telling you very frankly, very honestly the life that I live. Not a single penny that people donate to our ministry goes into my pocket. Not a single penny. Every cent is professionally audited by charted accountants in all our officers around the world. I don’t take a single cent from the ministry. Till today I live by the grace of God. That is the personal covenant I was made. It is not wrong to get a salary but that is the covenant that made. So, when you wait upon the Lord, God will bring the word to you that will strengthen you, that will give you a boost and you can keep on walking and walking and walking and you will not faint, you will not discouraged. Why are so many ministers getting discouraged suffering burned out and retiring from the ministry? Do you know that there is no such thing as retirement? If you ever want to retire that is the day you are going home to heaven. Sometimes it fascinates me you know how is it the people can retire from the ministry? When I read it in the American magazine it always fascinates me, what do you mean I retire from serving God? Do you understand brother? I cannot understand it at all. S, which means God did not call you. You just applied for a job. You applied for a job and the job pays you a salary and when you reach 65 years old the job says you now retire and go on a vacation to Bahamas which means God did not need you in the first place. Can you imagine what will be the faith of such a minister stands before the throne of Christ? He will say, I do not know who you are. Who are you? Your name is not in my book. There are many many books in heaven. I have seen the martyrs’ role of honor. All the martyrs beautifully they have signed in the parchment scroll. Every martyr. There are many of the books in heaven. Your name will not be there who are you? I do not know who you are. My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, but God is a good God, very good God. He has made all provision for you. There should never been such a thing called burn out whether you are in the ministry or not in the ministry. There is no such this as this thing called a burn out. If you are continually renewed and renewed and renewed where can there be such a thing called a burn out? I honestly do not know the meaning of the word burn out in my life. I don’t know. The vacation that I always take is waiting on God. I have never ever gone on what you people call vacation. The only vacation that I take whenever I get an off day or a free day I always fast and pray and wait on God. Maybe you may call me boring. But you know the moment I close my eyes I am somewhere else. I am actually on a real vacation. You tell me one thing if you get the privilege to talk with Michael and Gabriel and all the saints in heaven what will you exchange that for? Tell me what will you exchange that for? Each time you close your eyes and the Lord Jesus Christ comes and stands before you and then when you intercede just looking at his face for all the people who write to you what is that you can exchange it for tell me. There is nothing you can give me that I can exchange this all for that. You know early in my ministry I was a little ignorant about all that I was quite envious of other ministers who are comfortable with a married life, children and a fine houses they have and I am here celibate accepted the call of the Lord and no home, no property, nothing to my name and just if I have to sleep on the streets that is my home, sometimes I don’t even know what address I give to people when they ask me where do you live. So, one day when a few minutes I began to talking like this I began to feel what a pitiful state I am in? At the end of the day there is no home for me to go to and there is no wife, no kids, even if there is no wife that is not a problem but at least some loving nice kids. You know children are Angels, don’t you agree? Sweet adorable Angels. I said what a miserable my life is!! I felt like this you know. Now, the Lord came and told me you have sinned in your heart today I said what is it? Self pity. So I fell on my face and I repented before God, please forgive me Lord, and Please forgive me. Then the Lord Jesus came and said, stand up to your feet, I stood up and he said because you have left your physical home, see what I have for you in heaven. When he said, the heavens opened and I saw the place that God has for me to dwell in. He said look and then its just like the encounter between Job and God you know. He said because you gave up your father and mother and just followed me on the streets, I have become your father and your mother and because you gave up your relatives, your sisters and your brothers and your friends to follow me look what I have given to you. And all the special Angels that they are appointed to look after me and all the wonderful saints in heaven I have given you such a precious gift to commune with them that which so many other people are deeply desires what more do you want. What will you answer him? So I just fell on my face and repented again, Lord please forgive me for my foolishness, I didn’t know what great riches you have preserved for me Lord. So there is nothing in this world you can exchange for the riches God has preserved for you. Probably your eyes may not see that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They are all there. I know one precious family in Cincinnati, Ohio, they are great givers. Once, the carpet in their living room all faded, worn out and torn and holes all over. So their children felt so embarrassed for them. So, I think the eldest daughter in law gave some money to buy a brand new carpet for the living room. So they were about to go to buy a carpet. Suddenly they received a call from a missionary in Romania and the missionary went on to say how much they praying to God for finances to built a house for all the orphans there. Immediately the lady, instead of going to the shopping mall to buy a carpet went to the bank to transfer the money their daughter gave for carpet to Romania. They said we are too old, why do we need a carpet, if people don’t want to come to our house for the carpet, fine so be it. So, one day I was praying for them, as I was praying for them I was taken upto heaven. When I was in heaven, the Lord Jesus said, come with me, let us go for a walk. So we were walking down in the golden streets in heaven and then we were passing by several houses. He said this house belongs to that person, that house belongs to that person he was introducing me one by one. Then we came to one particular house. He said this house belongs to the people with whom you were staying in Cincinnati. I said that is very nice Lord, when I took a very close look at that house, you know in this world we make house with bricks after bricks right? But in heaven the houses are not made with bricks but they are made of precious stones. One stone above another stone above another, different different kinds of precious stones Sapphire, rubies what else do you have? Ok, all those things, all were made up into a huge house. Then the Lord Jesus pointed to one particular precious stone he said this – (Before I tell you that, do you like to hear? You know all the stones that make up your house is a representation of your sacrifice. Whatever you sacrifice on this earth they are translated as spiritual substances of a precious stones in heaven. So, let us see for example, you are giving sacrificially that gift you give, I heard pastor Sweet said that they had to take a loan for 5400 dollars to give to this ministry, and this is a sacrifice. That act is translated into a precious stone in heaven in your house). So the Lord pointed to one particular stone, this stone represents the money they gave for the carpet to the missionary. It was an exquisite precious stone. And that family, the couple that I am talking to you they live a sacrificial life. They live a sacrificial life. So, if you are going to withheld your giving when you go up there you may be homeless. A good place to shout hallelujah! And remember there is no welfare system in heaven. So if you are homeless - rebate. We have seen the three results that can take place when you wait upon the Lord. Now the final result, ‘they shall mount up with wings like eagles’. Now what does it mean to mount up with wings like eagles? It means deep spiritual experiences. That is what it means; mount up with wings like eagles. Now let me tell you one truth before we proceed any further. This phrase or this scripture does not talk figuratively about anything; it literally means what it says. Mounting up with wings like eagles, you will actually mount up with wings like an eagle; you know when the eagle reaches its weaker state and then it goes into this molting period; it loses all its strength, it cannot walk anymore; it will just fix in a position; all the feathers are fallen off from its body, it is a naked ugly bird and it cannot move anywhere; so, how it is going to survive the molting process if it is not going to eat food. So, during the period of molting other older eagles that have gone through the molting experience will fly around and congregate near the eagle that go through the molting period will bring them food. So the eagles bring them food to eat whereby the eagles that are going through the molting experience eat the food that is brought by the other eagles and they are encouraged and strengthened to complete the molting experience. Likewise when you wait on the Lord, God sends his other older eagles to come and feed you. Let me give you 2 biblical proofs for that how can get supernatural visitations. In 1 Kings 19:4-8, you see when Elijah was waiting on God, an Angel came and brought him food to eat and in Matthew 4:11 it is written at the end of the 40 days of the fast Jesus went through, Angels came and ministered unto him. See, you are so hungry, so tired when you didn’t eat food and water for 40 days and 40 nights. You know your body is almost to a point of parallelism, you cannot move anywhere, and you are so weak, worn out almost dead. The Angels came, brought food and water and ministered to the Lord Jesus Christ. In the year 1984, I was ministering to the villages in South India; so one day Jesus Christ told me I have got a special work for you to do, I want you to fast for 7 days. Don’t eat any food, no tea, no coffee only drink milk once a day at the end of the day. I said alright Lord, the whole day I only slept for only 3 or 4 hours every night. The whole day I will be just waiting on God, fasting and praying in tongues, meditating the word. On the 4th day, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me and he said ‘Are you feeling hungry’? I said how I can feel hungry when I am fasting. He just smiled at me -Good smile – and he said I have brought food for me. When he said that he stretched out his hand and a plate appeared in his hand and there was some rice and some curry – have you eaten curry? See, spiritual food – and the Lord Jesus said, I have brought this for you and I said Lord Jesus how can I eat that? I am fasting. You see how stupid when all can be when the creator is standing there before you and he looked at me, you know I saw the face of the Lord Jesus such a tender love like a loving mother, like a mother who is so concerned for her son who is not eaten food for so many days. That was the look I saw on the face of the Lord Jesus. He came and sat beside me and he said ‘Let me feed you’. You know I remember the scene how my mother used to feed me when I was a small little boy. He took a scoop of the rice in his hand tenderly and loving he said open your mouth now and he fed me. When the food came into my mouth I literally, physically felt the food in my mouth, I could chew it but it was spiritual food and I finished the whole food and he said now you take a good rest and I will see you tomorrow and the Lord Jesus disappeared and I slept. Then the next day he came brought another kind of food, you know from the 4th day, 5th, 6th and 7th day every dish that he brought was something that looked n the natural to be my favorite dishes. How in the world he knew. All the 3 days you know like a tender loving mother, he sat beside and feed me and he say Eat it, eat and he never told me the significance of the food. He never said anything he just said eat and I ate. On the 7th day and then he said, now I have strengthened you for 3 days for a very big demon that you encounter, I want you to go and set this family free that have been troubled by this demon. Thousands of demons came to attack me that was attacking that family. So to battle those demons the Lord came and gave me food to strengthen the body so that to verge a warfare against all those demonic forces. See those foods that the Lord gives you, that is not food but that is an impartation of authority and impartation of grace that will strengthen you to verge the good warfare that you need to fight. So when you are going through the waiting period when you wait on the Lord you will be fed. There was a other time when I was waiting on the Lord, the Lord Jesus came, he cad a small cup which looked like grape vine and he had a small plate that looked something like a flesh. He said ‘kneel down right now’. See, there is protocol how you should appear before God and every time the Lord Jesus Christ came, whenever it is going to be something very important he will say ‘kneel down now’. See, although you can sit down and pray, walk and pray, today in Americans it is so fashionable that you lie and pray. I don’t know from where you learn all these, certainly not from heaven because I have never seen any heavenly beans doing like that in heaven. They lie down and saying that I am drinking the Holy Spirit. I am sorry. Am I hurting you? Am I insulting you? But Am I pinching you? Yes. So he said, kneel down and he said ‘I have brought you my blood and my flesh’ and I received communion from the Lord himself, his very blood, his very flesh. Quite regularly in my life I used to have this experience. The Lord will come and serve me his very own flesh and it really tastes like blood and flesh. Then the scriptures in John 6 became very meaningful and very real to me. It says he who drinks my blood that is what the Lord said right? He who drinks my blood and eats my flesh – No, all our old theology tells you it is figurative language, who told you that? Not Jesus Christ, they are as real as how he spoke it. If he says my blood, it is my blood; it is not grapevine representing his blood. You know let me tell you a very very mysterious things that takes place when you godly partake the Lord’s Supper. When it enters into your body, the spirit receives it as the very blood of Lord Jesus Christ. When you partake the bread, when it goes into your body becomes the very flesh of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the mystery in the Lord’s Supper that is why the scriptures admonish us ‘Be careful how you partake it, don’t partake it unworthily’. If it is just bread and grape juice what is so unworthily about all that? Why will you die prematurely? Why would you sick? Why would you have to suffer if it is just bread and grape juice? Why? Because it is the very blood of Jesus and the very flesh of Jesus Christ, that is why ‘Come with trembling and fear and receive it’ because it is not an ordinary thing. Please remember this the next time you partake the Lord in your Church. Don’t take it playfully; Don’t take it unworthily; you are the handling the very eternal life. Eternal life represented in 2 things, the blood and the flesh. Now, mount up with wings like eagles, once in the year 1984, I am always going back to the year 1984 because that was the year I had really breakthrough in all the spiritual experiences. So, I am always bringing you back to the beginning how I had the first experience so that you can learn and find some similarity of principles. So one midnight, I just bowed my head in prayer, waiting on God and I said Lord, now I have come to wait for you. As soon as I closed my eyes deep within me I heard the sound of flapping of wings of a bird, I turned to my left, I turned to my right to see where it was coming from. It was not coming from anywhere outside but deep within me I could literally hear, have you ever heard the flapping of wings? It was as real and tangible and audible like that. So when it began to flap I quieted and all that is within me into oneness and the next moment my spirit came out of my body and I turned back and I saw my body still bowed down in the prayer position and my spirit stood up and as soon as I stood up, from my back 2 gigantic wings just stretched out. It was as real as a real eagle’s wings. Have you seen an eagle’s wing? You know, science tells us eagle’s wings can stretch from anywhere 6.5 feet to 8 feet in length and that was exactly how long I saw those wings. It was really like a real eagle’s feathers. When I saw that for the first time I just opened my mouth and said ‘My God!’ Isaiah 40:31 is real. It is not figurative anymore. It is real real and when the wings stretched out I flapped, when it flapped I flew above the house in which I was flew across the town and entered into someone’s house – not trespassing you know. I entered into the house and there was another Angel already there, he said stand here and see and there was the occupant in the house who was sinning in secret and he thought nobody was watching. Don’t you ever think that nobody is watching? Next time when you are alone, think of this story and I saw that and the Angel was watching. Our job was to pray and to help the person sinning to overcome the sin. So your will then comes into question – to whom you will sight whether the prayers that are prayed for you or the impetrations that heaven is sending to you not to sin or your flesh pulls you and you want to sin and that man ended sinning. On the judgment day we will stand witness against him that he did sin. So it is real that you flap up with wings like eagle and that is the experience that sticks you up to the heavenly rem. Now let me tell you something, if you read Deuteronomy 32:11, it says when the eagle stirs up its nest and teaches the young to fly so does the Lord take you. You know the mother eagle teaches the baby eagle to fly like this. When the baby eagles are small and ready to fly the mother eagle will carry the baby on her body and fly high up into the sky and the mother fly high up into the sky and the little bird enjoys the first flight then when it is up in the sky it will just flip over and the little bird will drop fast at great speed to the ground and the mother bird will just be watching what the baby will do and the baby doesn’t know how to flap its wings to fly. Just before it can hit the ground the mother comes sweeping and the little one will sigh ‘praise the Lord’. And the mother carries the little one and all danger is gone and the little one is so happy and the mother assures saying that ‘mommy still loves you, mommy has never forsaken you’ and it flies and flies and goes up again and flips over and this process is repeated and repeated until the little one learns how to fly. Now this is exactly how the Lord Jesus Christ also does. When you are first learning how to wait on the God, when you stretch out your wings, see all these will never take place over night; it takes weeks and weeks because the real art comes how you can still all that is within you. I tell you one truth if you never forget this conference for the rest of your life if you learn to practice it. The day the spiritual world opens to you, you are going to thank me for the rest of your life for teaching you this food because it is a marvelous marvelous beautiful world when you step over the other side. Shall I continue? So the Lord Jesus Christ will come and carry you, the Holy Spirit will come and lift you up in the spirit and bring you to places. If you read Ezekiel 8:3 and Ezekiel 11: 1 & 24 this 3 scriptures tells us, Ezekiel was praying and waiting and he says a hand from heaven came, caught him and lifted him up and took him. So Ezekiel’s experience was always been carried by the Holy Spirit. Carried by the Lord and he was taken into the temple. He was taken as spirit into the temple and he saw the priests of the temple sinning in the secret. Have you read that? Read the book of Ezekiel and you see, now that is the early stage of the eagles like. When you mature, when you become well experienced in the art of waiting on God then you hear a voice saying, ‘Come up’, then you know how to fly yourself and this was the experience John the revelator had. If you read Revelation 4:1, he hears a voice saying ‘Come up’, you will never find him saying the hand of the Lord came and lifted me up. No. John was a very matured believer exile in the island of Pathmos and all his life he was practicing waiting on God- Very matured experience. Now when mounting up with wings like eagles is a translational experience in the spirit. You are translated in the spirit. Let me reveal to you a mystery that took place in the Bible. You read in the Bible that Moses was fasted for 40 days and 40 night’s right? He went up to the mountain, the bible tells us in Exodus 24:15 upto 25:8, he was in the mount waiting on God and the Glory of God came. Now what actually happened on that day? This was what the Lord Jesus Christ when he appeared as an eagle to me 2 days ago revealed to me what happened on that day. When Moses was waiting on the mountain, when the clouds of God’s glory came and covered him; on the 7th day he was translated to heaven; he was translated to heaven and he was shown the pattern of things in heaven that he should make on this earth. That was how it happened that is why the bible keeps on saying, As you saw the things in heaven in Hebrews 8:5, as according to the patterns that were shown to you in heaven, now you do it. And in Revelation 11:19, you will read about the Ark of the covenant and in Revelation 6:9, you will read about the big altar of sacrifice of all the Martyr souls and in Revelation 8 you will read about the Altar of incense and in Revelation 22:1 you will read about the river of life that is the level of washing. So everything is in heaven was given to Moses, he was taken there, he was translated there, in a little while I will explain how the translation takes place. He was translated there yet he was in the mountain, how this was possible? He was in the mountain also he was in heaven, it’s difficult to explain this you know, it’s difficult to explain. It is something you must experience to yourself for you to know what it means. This very afternoon I had this experience, one moment I was bowed in my hotel room, the next moment just with in a snap of a finger I was somewhere else and I was shown something that was coming against our ministry. But the first impression I thought in my mind was how did I get here and I should come back because I am preaching tonight. Those are the initial things that went on in my mind you know. Ok then I saw all that I need to see after that I just opened my eyes I was back in my room. I was out I was in. It is a supernatural thing this translation. So when Moses was in the Mount waiting on God, the next moment he was translated surrounded with the eternal glories in heaven - instantaneous translation. That is why the Apostle Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 12:1-4, whether I was in the body or out of body I don’t know. See, it was real body. But what the experience I had this afternoon I know, I had a bodily translation, I was not in the spirit that I know the differences. See there is a big difference between translated in the Spirit and translated in the soul and translated in the body. They are distinguishable, all the experiences are different you know. So Moses was bodily translated in heaven, John was bodily translated in heaven, they all have this experience – bodily translated and Paul had this experience. Paul had 2 kinds of experience, in the first experience he was caught up to paradise; in the 2nd experience he was caught up to the 3rd heaven. They are not the same, if you read 2 Corinthians 12:1-4 very carefully you will find him explaining 2 experiences and in the 1st instance he was in the Spirit not in the body and in the 2nd instance he was in the body. It was quite confused – what am I now? Spirit or body? If its real body how did all the molecules got translated? Have you seen star trek movies ‘Beam me up Scotty’? All the molecules disintegrate and they form against somewhere else right? It is not how it is in the real world. You don’t even see the disintegration. They are here they are gone, and they appear. My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, how does this translational experience take place? How are you translated? There are 5 steps or 5 ways or 5 experiences whereby this translation takes place. How your Spirit, your soul, your body is translated? When you step into the Spirit rem, what you see that translates into the heavenly rem. 5 means or mode of transport. 1. A pure ladder of pure light appears from heaven and it appears connected from earth to heaven and you just walk up the ladder. Now you read of this in Genesis 28:11-12, Jacob saw a ladder come down from heaven and he saw Angels coming and going. Now this ladder is made of pure light; all the light that you see on this earth, I don’t mean this artificial light. The light that comes from the sun and the stars they are not pure light because they are tainted by sin. The whole creation is tainted by sin. Light travels 186000 miles/sec. But the pure light in heaven travels faster than the speed of light. They travel at the speed of thoughts. That is how pure light travels and that’s how you travel in the spirit rem, the speed of thoughts. Nothing beats that you know. You don’t need a time machine. The moment you think about something you are instantly there. That’s how thoughts. Thoughts travel faster than lights. So the 1st method is ladder, a pure ladder appears. Secondly, Angels will come to escort you. In Revelation 17:1-3, 21:9-10, you will read that Angel will carry John and bringing from different different places in heaven, he was bodily carried and brought to different part in heaven. Thirdly, a chariot can come down from heaven. This is a very famous example in the bible where Prophet Elijah was caught up in a Chariot in 2 Kings 2:11. Fourthly, the Holy Spirit can come and carry you wherever he wants you to go. In Acts 8: 39-40 where Philip was bodily carried and that also happens in the Spirit. In Ezekiel’s experience where the Spirit of the Lord came and lifted him up in Spirit. Fifthly, Jesus Christ can issue a summon, ‘Come up’ and immediately you are translated there in the next moment. Please turn with me to Psalm 65:4, this is a beautiful scripture in the bible, please don’t forget that, underline it, and remember it. It is a very important scripture that will give good guiding point, a guide to this translational experience. Psalm 65:4, ‘Blessed is the man whom thou choosest, and causest to approach unto thee, that he may dwell in thy courts; we shall be satisfied with the goodness of thy house, even of the holy temple’. Now look at the first part of the scripture, Blessed is the man whom thou choosest and causest to approach unto thee, that he may dwell in thy courts. So God chooses you, you can volunteer. Some people are chosen and blessed with the gifts because of some work they need to do. Do remember one thing; God does not have favorites. Why some people are overly blessed? It is not that they are overly blessed; they have been equipped to do a work. Let us see an example; Most of the seer prophets, there are different class of prophets. An ordinary prophet is just an ordinary prophet; they get revelations through visions and dreams. Now the seers they belong to different high class, everything to them takes place in a vision. They see everything; it is no more just inspirational revelation. It is no more seeing. But most of the seers are always intercessors, always intercessors. So to them God gives all this gifts abundantly; to them seeing the Lord Jesus Christ is not a big problem, to them caught up in spirit rem is not a big deal, to them having all these spiritual experiences that we envy is not a big deal because it is required for them to be equipped with all this for to fulfill the work to which they have been called. So don’t envy them, they are just doing their simple duties. That is why they are caught up in the spirit to be stand before God and God gives some instructions to come and give to the world or they are taken from place to place to pray for people. This is one thing that I do; sometimes I have been taken in the spirit to people’s house and pray for them and sometimes go and give them an instruction to pray for them or prophesy to people. Many people have written to me that they have seen me in their dreams prophesying to them or preach to them. Many times I will be what I think was I may be lying down to sleep but I am no more sleeping. I am somewhere and preaching the Gospel to some people. So these are all some responsibilities that come with certain calls. My dear brothers and sisters, worship enhances the experience of translation. Psalm 84:4 says when we praise and magnify God his house is built around us. This is where the church is largely missing the mark. We are not praising God – we are praising God but we do not know really how to worship God. The church is just displaying too much of flaky flesh you know. One of the flaky flesh that is exhibited too much is the clapping of the hands. There is a proper place to do that not all the time. This is one common problem I see in this congregation. At the time when you should be lifting up your hands bless the living God, you are whistling and you are scaring all the Angels away (Don’t laugh). This is exactly what is happening. I first saw this in 1993 in a church conference in Perth, Australia. One day the worship they did brought the congregation into such a holy atmosphere of God and the whole congregation was one heart, one mind, lifting up their voices to heavenly, at that moment I saw a thick cloud of God’s glory coming down upon the congregation, at that moment, just as that was a few feet away from coming upon the congregation, the worship leader said, common let us give a clap offering to God. Everybody clapped their filthy hands and the whole (Don’t laugh please, I am not joking. Do you think this is funny? Don’t laugh please, there is time to laugh, don’t laugh all the time) they clapped their hands and the whole glory lifted up. I have never felt so angry in my life. When I went up to the pulpit I rebuked the congregation and the senior Pastor of that Church went on his knees and repented before God because he felt it but he did not correct it. The whole thing just lifted up. You know if you look at the birds in the air, before the birds fly up in the sky they flap their wings, they keep on flapping their wings until they reach a certain height, then when they are in certain altitude, they are no more beating their wings, they are gliding, they are soaring. This is what you must learn in worship. First you praise God, you beat your wings and climb up, once you are up you no more praise God, you worship God in the beauty of holiness. Then you are just soaring in the heavenlies until you enter into the most holy place. Almost all worship leaders that I have seen around the world, they do not know how to enter into the holy of holies. The congregation they don’t know. You know we have wonderful anointed singers, wonderful anointed psalmists, wonderful anointed instruments today which the Old Testament saints did not have. But the Old Testament saints had something that we do not have, that is every time that they worship God in the Spirit and truth, the Glory of God came down. You read that in the Bible, don’t you? So, why it is that today everyone is spirit filled; we are not seeing the Glory of God. In 1989, I had 2 visitations from the Lord Jesus and he spoke to me about ‘how the Church should truly worship God’ and I wrote a book about ‘The art of worship’, that the Lord taught me about the revelations that he gave me. The one thing he said that is missing today is the Church does not know how to worship God in the beauty of holiness. That is the missing thing today. She does not know how to worship God in the beauty of holiness. It is only your flesh that you are presenting to God and it is thinking. That is what I saw before I begin my message today. The Lord was walking down this aisle and he just closing his nose and turning his face because of the stinking flesh here- stinking flesh. When Noah offered the sacrifice, Bible says and God smelled the sweet savor offering. You read that, don’t you? Today he smells the stinking flesh. I tell you one truth my dearly beloved brothers and sisters, God does want to withheld his holiness from you. He does not want to withheld the riches of heaven from you, he wants to freely give but we do not know how to come. We do not know how to approach unto him. There is a place for clapping you know. You cannot give the clapping to the king of kings. How can you do that? The New Testament way of doing that is lifting up hands and blessing God not clapping of hands. This is one of the Charismatic evils in charismatic church. The flakiest thing in the charismatic Church is giving a clap offering to God. How can you do that? You cannot do that. You know who God is – The Holy God? Just a tiny bit of his Glory came down on Mount Sinai and the whole mountain quaked, there was an earth quake. And all the Israelites fled away and they cried to Moses, No, we don’t want to hear God. You talk to God, you do all this, you die, you go to hell but we don’t want to hear that but we hear you. That is a tiny whiny revelation of God’s Glory. Can you imagine how much more when he becomes with all his Glory. That is your God, a God of holiness and how should you appear before that God? Not with your flesh but with fear and trembling. God is in his holy temple that all flesh be silent. That is what the bible says. But what do you do? Yow chew gums. You come with a very irreverent attitude with the Church. Cell phones go off in the Church services. Isn’t God more important to you? Is your contact on your friends very important to you? You must have your cell phones on? Can’t you give just one hour by switching off your cell phones or keeping them at home? You see when you bring such an irreverence into the house of God, what is there that we are presenting before God. Strange fire, strange fire. We should thank God that we are not destroyed for all the strange fires that we are offering into him, for all the stinking flesh that we are offering unto him. Please do not feel that I am scolding you. I am sticking it out of Love. Do you feel that I am scolding you? Please don’t feel that way; I speak on behalf of the living God with love for you. It is my desire that you should enter into the holy of holies whatever goodies that I have been privileged to enjoy I like to share it with you. I told you on the 1st night, I am telling all these to provoke you to jealousy. Never in my mind have I had the intention to break about my spirituality. Never, far be it, only to provoke you to jealousy and to prove to you that all these are real and it is available for you. Anybody can come to where I am and can go higher. It is possible. So we should learn to worship God. If we learn to worship God in the beauty of holiness then the glories of heaven surrounds you, the cloud of Glory comes down. Psalm 22:3 says, God inhabits on the praises of his people, he surrounds you. When the cloud surrounds you, the fire of holiness from the cloud of God’s glory will begin to purify and refine your heart. Malachi 3:1-3 says, it purifies and refines you so that you can offer a pure sacrifice unto God. When you offer pure sacrifice unto God, you are translated into the holies of holies. Finally, a warning, please do not build your life on spiritual experiences, don’t seek experiences unless and until you are build on the word of God. Why do I say this? If you read Matthew 4: 5-8 says, during the temptation of the Lord Jesus, the devil came and carried the Lord Jesus, that is what the scripture says you know, he literally carried the Lord Jesus first into the temple and he said, look at all the temple, then he carried him to an exceedingly high mountain. That is what the bible specifically says, exceedingly high mountain, carried him up. See what is all that, a translation experience, who gave that? The devil. The devil can show visions to you, the devil can imitate like Lord Jesus Christ, the devil can take you to a place and show you heaven, and the devil can do all things. So, if you are not grounded in the word of God, how will you know, if this spiritual experience is a real experience? So first establish your life on the word of God. It is good and dangerous that is why when we are young in the spirit, you will have some experiences, don’t run after the experience. But wait; build your life on the word. You know a wild horse or a wild ass runs wildly in the jungle eating wind, they are uncontrollable, they won’t know where to go, they run everywhere. That is why the Bible says, the horse must be bridled so that it can be controlled where it must be running. Only the word of God can balance your life, can strengthen you and guide you. Now let me tell you this, if you forget everything else that I shared with you, please don’t forget this important thing, which is warning. I have seen the devil impersonating the Lord Jesus Christ. I have literally seen him stand before me; I thought this was the Lord Jesus. So I got up from my bed, I wanted to kneel down and worship the Lord Jesus. Suddenly I just felt an Alarm go off in my spirit, don’t do that then I took a step back, and I was looking if it was Jesus Christ standing in front of me why would I alarm? There is always a great peace flood when the Lord Jesus Christ comes and the Holy Spirit said, take a good look at his hands, when I looked there were no nail prints. Ok. I took another step backwards and then the Holy Spirit said take a good look at his eyes. You know the Lord Jesus Christ has beautiful deep blue eyes. You know not only he has blue eyes but his eyes with such a love. The very look at the eyes you can see love is flowing out from his eyes. When I saw his eyes, one of the eye popped out, now it is a good time to laugh, one of the eyes popped out and it was dangling. OK I took 3 steps back and then the Holy Spirit said this is Lucifer impersonating the Lord Jesus Christ. Now you rebuke him. I said in the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you satan. Instantly he disappeared. That was the time the Holy Spirit gave me this teaching about Matthew 4, where the devil can give you spiritual experiences. If you are not established and grounded in the word of God, you don’t have an warning system inside you then you will fall but if you are build up on the word, you have a warning system inside you and the word will guide you. That is what the Lord Jesus said right; the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth. How will the Holy Spirit guide you into all truth? Through the word of God because God’s word is truth. Now I am going to finish, finally, in conclusion let me show you a biblical example to justify and prove to you all these things that I have just taught you that they are avail and there is a scriptural example and all that. Turn with me to 1 Kings 19: 4-12, now in this passage of scripture you will find the prophet Elijah very discouraged and going somewhere. These 4 experiences that I have shared with you in Isaiah 40:31, renewed, running, walking and mounting with wings like eagles. All these 4 experiences you will find in this passage of scripture. Those who don’t have your bible you can read from the screen there. Aren’t you happy for the saints who are putting up the scriptures for you? Anyway look at verse 4 & 5, but he himself went on a day’s journey into the wilderness and came and sat down under a juniper tree: and he requested for himself that he might die and as he lay and slept under a juniper tree, Let’s pause here. Elijah was waiting on God, can you see this principle here. He came and sat under a tree; he was lying down; please don’t quote Elijah and sleep in the meetings. You are not getting it up? Ok, now let’s look at point no 2, verses 6 & 7, And the Angel of the Lord came again the second time and touched him, and said, Arise and eat; because the journey is too great for thee. Verse 6 & 7 he gave him food to eat and said now you run because the journey that you are going to go is very far, you need this food. So the Angel came and gave him food to eat. Thirdly, walk and did not faint, verse 8, and he arose, and did eat and drink, and went in the strength of that meat forty days and forty nights unto Horeb the mount of God. He walked for 40 days and 40 nights; now who can do that in the natural strength? Nobody can do that in the natural strength. He walked and did not faint. Fourthly, mounting up with wings like eagles, verses 9 – 12, he have spiritual experiences with God where he saw God coming unto him in a whirlwind, God coming in a fire, God coming in an earthquake and finally a still small voice. All this 4 principles in Isaiah 40:31, you can find this in Elijah’s life. This passage of scripture in the bible is a perfect proof of what I have just taught you for 2 hours now about this waiting on God experience. Do you believe that you can have the same wonderful experience? Anybody doesn’t believe? You believe that? Do you want that? Common stand up for a vote of prayer now.
O great and gracious loving God, thank you, Holy Father, you had all your children’s Lord patiently sitting for last 4 hours. Some have been tired and they have left lord. These who have continued, your word says ‘Blessed are they those who are hunger and thirsty of righteousness for they shall be filled’ and you use your daughter Hadey Baker to strongly preach about this last night ‘Blessed are they who thirst and hunger of the righteousness’. Holy Father, all these saints of God who have continued for the last 4 hours waiting to hear this word, I pray Lord Jesus, that every one of them who have endured, they all come into this blessed mounting up with wings like experience for how can they be your children if they cannot see their Father’s face? How can they be your children if they cannot hear the Father’s voice? And how can they be your children if they do not know where their Father is staying? But your word says, you have poured out into us the Spirit of Adoption whereby we are your sons and daughters and not only that you have caused us to sit in the heavenly place in Christ Jesus. And I pray let it not only be a positional experience in Christ but a tranfigurational, translational experience in their spiritual life. I know you desire to do that Lord, I know you are desire because you have made your heart known to me and now I pray that these your saints will apply this principles in their lives and take hold of you by waiting at your holy feet whereby you can embrace them to yourself, they can be gathered and bounded to you and become one with you Lord and enter into you that they may know the mystery of the word ‘The kingdom of heaven is within you’. This I pray you will reveal to them Lord. Father, they have continued for 4 hours Lord, their bodies must be so tired and weary. I ask you very specially if they go to their rooms and lay their bodies down, stretch forth your hands Lord and take away all the physical tiredness and weariness from their bodies and exchange it with your strength and when they get up in the morning let none of them feel an ounce of tiredness in their mortal bodies. This I command and speak according to the word and authority that you have given unto me and I command let their bodies will be rested and refresh that every fiber, every blood vessels in their bodies will be refreshed and every dead nerves will be resurrected, every damage nerves in their bodies I command it in Jesus name to be recreated and I command in Jesus name that your life giving blood and your energies will flow all within them, energizing them, renewing them, changing them, I command all those who have a hair problem, the hairs that are dropping down in the name of Jesus Christ I command that hair to stop falling down and I command the hair to be recreated and grow right now. I command let them experience a recreative power working in their lives that will renew them, refresh them and restore them. Thank you wonderful Jesus, and when they lay down their bodies to sleep, Lord Jesus showing me there is someone here, you have a nerve problem in your hand and the Lord Jesus Is healing you right now. Thank you wonderful Jesus, you used to have a tingling kind of sensation and a shaking kind of experience in your hands and the healing power of Jesus Christ is flowing into your hands right now. Thank you wonderful Jesus. And there is also another person who have a problem in your leg and you used to limb in your leg and the doctors have told you that they are damaged nerves in your leg. Jesus Christ’s healing virtue is flowing into your legs right now to resurrect those damaged nerve. Thank you wonderful Jesus. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I now command them be healed right now. Thank you wonderful Jesus. I see the eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ looking at some people here who have eye problem and his compassion is flowing out to heal you right now. Lord Jesus, according to your word I command every blur vision be healed, I command every damaged cataracts, retinas and iris in their eyes, I command them be healed right now. I command every double visions, every crooked visions, I command the lenses in their eyes be recreated and get whole in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you wonderful Jesus. Lord, let your healing anointing now flow all over this church right now. Let your healing anointing flow all over right now. Lord Jesus, there is a woman there praying like this, O how I wish he will pray for my back pain, Lord Jesus now hear the cries coming from your daughter Lord, I command in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that pain that is related to the kidneys I command it to be made whole right now in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray Lord let every weaknesses in their bodies be healed in Jesus name. Thank you wonderful Jesus. Let your healing anointing sweep all over this auditorium right now. Let your waves of healings flow all over them right now. Who is this person with an Asthmatic problem? I see a healing anointing of Lord Jesus Christ coming upon you now in the name of Jesus Christ I command the lungs to be healed right now and I rebuke the spirit of infirmity causing this Asthma, in Jesus name I command it to come out of the body right now in Jesus name. Let your healing anointing flow, flow Lord all over them, let it flow all over them. Let them tangibly feel your power flowing all over their bodies right now. Thank you wonderful Jesus. Lift up your holy hands and bless the name of the living God for blessing you, healing you. Common open your mouth and give thanks to God.