How to wait on God – Part 2   by Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

The book of Isaiah 40:31, ‘But they that wail upon the Lord shall renew the strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint’. My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, tonight my message is entitled ‘waiting on God’. As I said earlier and as I always say, waiting on God is an attitude of coming before God, knowing him, talking with him and seeing him and to walk with him. The saints of old, the patriarchs of old in the old testament and in the New Testament and down through the 1st century church and even in our present times, they who have learned to have a intimate walk with God, none of them have reached that place except without waiting on God. That is the key, there is no other key. The key to enter into the heart of God, the key to enter into the bosom of God. You see, if you read John 1:18, the Lord Jesus says, ‘I came from the bosom of the Father’. So, there is a place in the bosom of the Father God where you can enter. There is a place. It is absolutely possible. So, how is it possible? That is a translational experience that only comes from waiting on God. This was practiced in the early church, it was part and parcel of the church down through the ages and it all got lost in our present day modern charismatic Christianity. You know charismatic Christianity as good as it is majored so much on the gifts and they neglected the fruit of the spirit. I tell you one truth tonight. With the gifts of the spirit you can end up in hell but with the fruit of the spirit you can never miss heaven. Anyone wants a biblical proof for that? Oh you still want? Haven’t I continued to long with you to understand and know that believe by faith? Anyway Matthew 7: 21-23, you will read there, a group of preachers come and stand there before the Lord Jesus Christ and he says, I do not know who you are. Go to hell. They said ‘Lord, what do you mean?’. You will not find that written like that in the King James version but that is the American version. Anyway, So, all these preachers were shocked and said what do you mean Lord? We prophesy in your name, we performed signs and wonders in your name, we did all this multiple miracles in your name, how can you say you do not know who we are. There you got a scripture, these are not ordinary people who came and stood before Jesus. They had all the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit operating in their lives and yet the Lord Jesus said I do not know who you are Go to hell. God does not confirm a gifts manifesting preacher. God confirms his word with signs and wonders following. When you stand before the Lord Jesus Christ it is the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life that is going to make you stand before him not the gifts. So, that is the reason why if you look all over the charismatic world, why is it that all this finely charismatic man and woman of God had been mightily used by God in signs and wonders have a questionable life or questionable character. Why? Why is immorality a major problem in the church today? Because you majored on the gifts and not on the fruit. You know, if you read 1 Corinthians 12, the Apostle Paul talks about all the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit and then on the last verse in Chapter 12 he says, ‘ I show you a better way’ and then 1 Corinthians 13:1 he says, ‘Love is the better way’. You know for many many years I never understood why the Apostle Paul says I will show you a better way and then he said Love. So, I began to meditate there must be something deeper, something more powerful in that character of Love which is former greater or it will surpass the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. So I began to meditate deeper and deeper. One day in 1985 I was ministering in Malaysia and the Lord Jesus Christ called me to fast for 3 days. So I fasted for 3 days. On the 3rd day the Lord Jesus Christ appeared before me and he said, ‘ kneel down straight up before me’. You see, we can sit and pray, we can lie on our face and pray but there is a proper posture when you come before God. This is where the church must learn how to come and present ourselves before God? I am sorry you know when I see such deplorable state in modern Christianity today where the teaching goes anything goes. It is not true. Anything does not go, there is proper protocol. Can you go dress in T-shirt and Jeans and slippers in a black tie dinner? Is it possible? If on this world you have such standards that you cannot be dressed in a T-shirt and Jeans and slippers in a all black tie dinner and that again you are only appearing before mere man how much more when you come before the Holy God? Do you know why all the Angels in heaven are so thrilled when the Lord Jesus Christ was born in this world? For the 1st time in eons of time they saw God with their eyes. First time.. Why first time? 1 Timothy 6: 15-16 says. God dwells in unapproachable light that no one can see him. Hebrews 11:27 says, he is an invisible God. John 4:24 says, God is a spirit. How can anybody see? For the 1st time in eons of time they all saw God. My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, when I knelt before the presence of the Lord, he laid his hands on my head and said, ‘Today I am filling you with my spirit of compassion. From today onwards when you go and stand before people, when my compassion moves you and your heart breaks like pieces of glass for the suffering humanity mighty signs and wonders will take place’. So, the very night I had to go and preach in a church, so I stood before the entire congregation and I said, let us all stand for a vote of prayer and I began to pray. As soon as I uttered the first word, the spirit of compassion came welling up from the bottom of my stomach and it rose like waves. When it did that I literally felt that my heart breaking like glasses to a thousand pieces and tears began to roll down from my eyes. That was all that happening within me and that created a waves of compassion that float out in the entire congregation every demon possessed in the room were delivered. Every sick person was healed. I did not touch them, I did not pray for them nothing. It was just the love, compassion of God that healed the sick and then I began to meditate deeper into the Gospels and found every time the Lord Jesus Christ performed a major miracle always during those moments when he was moved with compassion. See, when he was walking by the city of Nain and he saw a corpse that was going by nobody asked him to pray but he saw the broken heart of a mother grieving over her only son. The poor lady had no other relations, she is a widow. When the Lord Jesus saw her, he was moved with compassion, he came near and he touched the briar and he sais, ‘ young man get up’. How did he do this miracle? Compassion that flowed. This is the secret behind the Apostle Paul wrote ‘ I will show you a better way’. So, the best way is to earn to be filled with the Love and compassion of God. When you are filled with the Love and compassion of God, even if you just say one word for a suffering person it will produce multiples of miracles. I was once invited to preach in an Anglican Church in Singapore. After the meeting was over many people came for prayer So, a Chinese woman came to me for prayer and I asked her what can I pray for you? She said I got stomach pain. So as I was about to lay my hands on her head, her friend who was standing by her nudged her and said tell him the truth. So, stomach pain is not the truth, so what is the truth? See, Asian woman, the Chinese and the Indian, when it comes anything related to their private organs they feel very embarrassed to say it out. This lady had a problem with her womb. It was a Sunday I was preaching in their church. The forthcoming Tuesday she was going to have a surgery that will remove her entire womb that was her problem. So, the lady told me this is what going to be and then she started crying I don’t want to lose my organs although I have 2 sons, I still don’t want to lose my organs. So I listened very patiently towards what she said and then finally asked her what do you want to pray? So, she thought for a moment and then she said please pray that the surgery will be 100% successful. I said ok. Sometimes you know, I used to wonder at the contradiction of people. You know, I was amused but I kept my amusement myself. I tried to be very polite and very diplomatic when people tell me even ridiculous prayer requests. Anyway, I said, that is alright. If that is what you want then I am going to agree with you for that. So I closed my eyes. As soon as I closed my eyes, the spirit of compassion came upon me and I touched her I prayed ‘ Lord renew and restore her organs’ Amen. I said, sister I have already finished praying. She looked at me and asked ‘that’s all’ I said ‘Yes, that’s all’. Now, you see I am not a charismatic preaches who jumps up and down all honor in tongues and then pray a prayer. Anyway, this lady, as she was walking down to the car park she told her friend, what kind of Indian preacher, this guy who doesn’t know how to pray. What does it mean Renew and restore the organ? This Indian preacher don’t even know how to pray? So, that is a very fair comment and her friend told her, he is a true man of God, if he says something, you better believe it. Anyway she went for her surgery and after her surgery was over, when she came to her consciousness a surgeon visited her and she looked at her surgeon and asked him, have you removed all my organs? The surgeon looked at her and he said, when we cut you up we found all your organs renewed and restored. Those words came from the lips of an non Christian doctor. This woman was so shocked. Then she wrote me a long letter confessing her sins asking for my forgiveness for looking down upon me. That doesn’t matter you know whether you look down or you look up. What really matters is God wiping away your tears. Amen! That is the most important thing. At the end of the day, you are not going to see my face again, I may not see you again, right? As the American sign goes, Out of sight, out of mind. Amen! Isn’t it true? Don’t you practice that? We need to learn how to wait on God so that we can walk with God. In this scripture, Isaiah 40:31, God has used a parable describing about an eagle. So it is very interesting why a comparison is made about an eagle? See, as an eagle gets older, it goes through a moulting season and during this period time as she gets older its feathers began to vain and it lose its power and its strength. All the feathers begin to drop off one by one and the eyes of the eagle which is very sharp and very powerful unlike all other birds or all other animals, the eagle has been specially blessed with double vision. It can see miles away and it can see a close sight. It has got double eyelids you know, it can see sideway and forward at the same time. It can see miles ahead where it is soaring and its side vision allows the eagle to see what is down on the earth for fishes, for little lamb or sheep that it can catch. That is why even when its cruising at amazing speeds its eyes, the other part of its eyes looking downwards knows exactly where the prey is. So, such a powerful vision and that vision begins to dim and all the talons in its legs begin to get blunt and they began to get worn out and its powerful beak with which it used to tear apart meat Calcium begins to form in her mouth. When the eagle reaches that stage of totally becoming powerless it will fly up to a high mountain top. It will specifically choose a mountain top that is opened, there is no obstruction that the eagle must position itself in such a place that unobtrusively they can see the sun. When it reaches that stage it will just stand with its wings lifted up and just stand and stare at the sun. This goes on for weeks and weeks and weeks. And during that period all the feathers in her body will drop off and she will be just like a really bald, ugly eagle. In that sage of ugliness, now she cannot get any food to eat. So many eagles die in that state. But often at times, in that state, other older eagles that has gone through this renewal process they will fly close by and they will drop food. This eagles that are going through the moulting season that if the food that are provided for them they eat to keep them alive and when they stand for weeks and weeks and weeks without blinking just looking at the sun. Day by day new feathers begins to grow, New feather grows, new talons come up from its knees, from its fingers and its leg and new beak grows and the eagle is totally changed into a new eagle. This is what takes place in the natural in an eagle’s life. That is why it is also written, thy youth will be renewed like an eagle. Even when the eagle reaches old age, each time it goes through this renewal process over and over again till the day she dies, she is a new eagle. You see, this was how God created us to be. Not suffering sickness or disease but live a full life till the day that God calls us home. Then you just sleep in the Lord. Sickness, disease is not how God wants you to take you home. You live a full complete life. My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, this afternoon as I was waiting on God, preparing this message, I had a visitation from the Lord Jesus Christ. First time in my life I saw a huge eagle. The Lord manifested as a huge eagle, it was about 8 feet in size, huge big size that took up half the space in my hotel room and the eagle just looked at me with piercing eyes and he taught me all things that I am going to teach you tonight and the rest of these nights. Everything that the Lord taught me was brand new to me. I have taught about waiting on the Lord several times in the past but many of a new insights that the eagle Lord Jesus Christ brought to me was an eye opener and he gave me many many other simpler truths how every believer can position themselves that their eyes can be opened to see the Lord Jesus Christ. They can be renewed, transformed and translated to stand before God. One thing that the Lord Jesus Christ told me which was very very interesting, was, you see in Isaiah 40:31 he says, ‘They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength’. He said, the word renew is not correct. It is not a renewal it is an ‘exchange’. So, I was wondering, what is the difference between renewal and exchange. See when you say renewal, it is just the old, the old is there but is covered with the new. You say, the old computer you bring to the computer mart and they refurbish it that is called renewal. But the Lord Jesus said, the actual process that takes places is an exchange. You give the old and you get back a brand new. So a brand new feathers, a brand new beak, a brand new talons, a brand new strength. That can enable you to lift up with wings and mount up high in the heavenlies. So It is not a renewal. You know I took up my bible software, I went through all the several translations that I have and I finally found in the amplifies translation, it actually given the word ‘exchange’. So, in the original Hebrew used the word exchange. The old is removed from you and something new is given to you. This is what happens when you wait upon the Lord. Now, waiting is a lost art. Many people like to get a touch from God. Do you? Many people like to see the Lord Jesus Christ, do you? Many people like to hear the voice of God, Do you? Many people like to be taken up to heaven to see the glories in heaven, do you? Then why aren’t we blessed with such things? And some people claim like this or they say like this. I do not know why God is so cruel, or God is so biased he doesn’t want to bless me. Have you ever thought like that? Many many years ago, may be about 10 or 15 years ago, I had a friend, who once came and told me to pray for him. He said, God is so biased, God is so unfair that all the new believers in his church are immediately filled with the Holy Spirit, they are speaking in unknown tongues and they always say always have the presence of the God and all the Goosebumps all over their body. And you know brother, as much as I tried to be quiet in the house of the Lord during worship time, as much as I try to enter into the presence of God, I cant even feel anything, what is the problem with God? Or what is the problem with me? Why God is so unfair? I gave up my catholic faith and I embrace this charismatic experience, I gave up my drinking habit, I embraced to spirit of holiness, you know God doesn’t want to bless me with a touch, If not a goosebump, atleast a pinch. He said, I will go back to Catholicism, I will go back to drinking. I said, who are you threatening? Who are you threatening? Do you think God stands to lose if you go back to drinking, tell me. He washed you by his blood, died for you not for his own good, it’s for your own good so that you are translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. For your own benefit, for your own profit. Heaven doesn’t stand to lose anything. So anyway, he urged me, please pray for me within 14 days, some people like to put conditions to God you know. Lord you must touch me, you must speak me within 2 days. If you have ever done that please repent tonight. You cannot dictate to God. Who are you? Who are you? You are dust. Don’t forget that you are dust. King David says, who am i? I am a worm and a dog. Such a man who walks with God saw his real self. Who are you to say God go and heal my brother, God, go and do this, God, go and do that. That is how we pray you know, who are you to tell God, go here, go there. So I always used to wonder who is God, When Christians pray! You see, we must learn reverence. This is the another great missing essence in the body of Christ. We do not know how to reverence God. So, I promised the brother, I will pray for you. So, one day during my prayers of intercessions of many many people, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared before me and as I was praying for all those requests that come to our office everyday and Jesus answered all the prayers and he told me how to reply to everybody with a word and then the Lord Jesus Christ was about to leave, I said Lord, I have one more request to tell you, So I told to Lord about this brother’s problem. I said, Lord, why are you so unfair? The Lord looked at me and gave me a smile. It is this other smile. So, by this time, I know the different kind of smiles mean. I said, if you don’t mind Lord and I brought out my friend’s problem to the Lord. And the Lord Jesus Christ very patiently heard all my complaints and he said, the problem is not with me, the problem is with him. I said what do you mean Lord, how can the problem be with him when he so much desires of seeking you. The Lord Jesus said, let me now show you. When he said that he touched my forehead, when he touched my forehead, I saw within my eyes I saw the living room of my brother. I was beholding a typical morning scene that takes place. So, he was coming out of his bedroom all dressed up, holding his briefcase in his hand, had a quick breakfast and called his 3 children gathered with his wife knelt down and prayed a quick prayer, praying for his family, praying for his wife, praying for his children, praying for their education, praying for their pastors and a few man of God they know and then all this while, as soon as they knelt down to pray, I saw the Lord Jesus Christ appear and stand beside him to listen to his prayer. That day I saw something. Whenever, you bow your head in prayer, the Lord Jesus Christ comes to listen to your prayer. Psalm 65:2 says, ‘ O thou you hearest prayer’. Scriptures are not wrong you know. I always see all the scriptures dramatized before my eyes. I don’t just read the bible. I see them all dramatized before my eyes. That is another powerful gift, powerful arena, rem that you can enter into that all the living words that you read in your bible becomes a real drama before your eyes and you can actually be in all those events to see everything acted really was which you don’t read in the bible. Anyway, he prayed for everybody and then he said, Lord Jesus, please speak to me and the Lord Jesus opened his mouth and he said, in Jesus name I pray, Amen! And he got up and he rushed of the home to work and the Lord Jesus turned at me and said, now do you see what I meant when I say the problem is not with me, the problem is with him. Then the Lord Jesus said, the problem is my people have no time to wait on me. They expect me to operate like an instant noodle. Do you all know what is maggi noodles? Now, that is why, you know noodles, you tear the pocket, you drop into the water, in 2 minutes it is cooked and ready to eat. If I was praying for an American may be the Lord would have told me, my people expect me to behave like a TV dinner. You take out from the fridge and keep it in the microwave and in 2 minutes all ready to be eaten. It doesn’t work like that. This is where we have lost a great heritage. What is that heritage? The ability to talk face to face with your father. Tell me one thing, my dear brothers and sisters, what kind of a child is a child, if it cannot see his father’s face. What kind of a child is a child? What kind of child is a child if it cannot heat the Father’s voice? What kind of a child is a child? You know a child who is born out of wedlock is called a bastard. Am I right? The English dictionary says like that. I am not using a swear word or a curse word. So a child who doesn’t know who the father is, society calls it a bastard. This is what I prayed. How can I be a child of God who cannot see my Father’s face, them I am not the son of God. I am a bastard. This was my quest. I prayed and prayed and prayed and press on every day I will day like this. He who seeks, he shall find. So, God desires to talk to us. We must come to a position where we wait on God for him to talk to us. If you rush through your 5 minute devotional or through your quick fix methods of hearing God. You will never never reach the place of really been one with God. You know I have not come here to entertain you or teach you or preach you like what is popular taught everywhere all days abcs or 123s of how to get there or come out here. I am teaching you the very manna that the Lord Jesus Christ has taught me which I have learned at the feet of the master. That many times will not act up to what your charismatic theology says. Because charismatic theology says, name it and claim it. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t work that way. God is not in the lottery business. Have you heard this game called who wants to be a millionare? It was a big hit in India you know. So, once one man called me for prayer, Brother please pray for me. I said alright, next week I am appearing in the who wants to be a millionaire program, so please pray that an Angel of the Lord stand beside me and speak into my ear all the answers so that I can walk away with a million dollars. So I told him that is a good request, you know I must have needed a million dollars for my ministry so instead of praying for you, I can pray for myself, I can participate in that game, I can walk away with a million dollars. God doesn’t work like that. How nice it will be if he can work like that, right? You will all be millionaires. It doesn’t work like that. Remember what I told you last night, God hates laziness. God hates laziness. He who does not work is not fit to eat. That is what the bible says. My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, it is the absolute desire of God that the bride of Christ, if you want to be the bride of Christ learn how to wait on God, so that you can be exchanged to be made something new. Now, what is waiting on God? We need to define waiting on God, so that you will get understanding what it is all about. In the Hebrew language 4 different words are used to convey the concept of waiting. Now, when we put all the 4 words together then we can understand a complete picture of what it means to wait on God. Firstly, is the word ‘DAMAN’ and the word ‘daman’ means ‘stand still’. Psalms 46:10 says, Be still and know that I am God. God is always standing before us you know. The bible says where there are 2 or 3 gathered I am there in their midst. Do you know the scripture? Now there are more than 2 people here. According to the scripture the Lord Jesus Christ is in our midst. Everybody agree? But, do you see? No, why not? Now that is a problem. Why not? If that the scripture is true then we should be able to see. The scripture of God is not a lie. Agreed everybody? If the scripture is true, we are not able to see, then something is wrong with us. The problem is, we have not become still. Be still and know that I am God. When you become still, you shall know that the Lord himself standing before you. Secondly, is the word ‘DUMIYAH’ and the word ‘dumiyah’ means ‘to wait in silence’. Psalms 62:1, You don’t make all the noise. Most of our problem is we make all the noise and God cannot talk to us. If you want God to talk to you keep quiet or shut up. Now you understand better. We must learn that. Thirdly, is the word ‘QAVAH’ it means ‘gathered together in oneness’. Be gathered together in oneness. Genesis 1:9, it says, God gathered all the waters in one place. Be gathered together in oneness. Now, let me explain you one by one what all means. Fourthly, is the word ‘CHAKAH’ it means ‘to wait earnestly with a loving anticipation’. Psalms 130:6. So, wait on God means to stand still, to wait in silence, to be gathered together in oneness, and to wait earnestly with a loving expectation. Now, we put all this 4 different definitions together and I came up with one simple definition. That will give us a bone or a meat to chew. To wait on God means, to wait earnestly in silence and stillness in God’s presence and seeking to be bound in a perfect union of intimate bonding with the Lord Jesus Christ. Understood everybody? Did it sound Greek to you? Alright, I will give you a simplified version. It means ‘staying in God’s presence and seeking to be bound in a perfect union of intimacy’. Is it clearer now. Ok. Now, turn with me John 15. I am going to show you mysteries in the passage of scripture. This was how Lord Jesus Christ appeared as the mighty eagle explained the passage of scripture to me. John 15:5 & 7, ‘I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing’.’If ye abide in me and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you’. Please observer the one word that is repeatedly used in this 2 scriptures is the word ‘abide’. Now, please turn with me to 1 Corinthians 6:17, ‘But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit’. Now, I am going to take you a little deeper into the mysteries in this 2 scriptures. Just open your heart with me, then you will understand this concept of what it means to wait on the Lord. We take John 15:5 & 7, and 1 Corinthians 6:17 and we put them together it is this. When you come to wait before God, all that is within you becomes one with the Lord Jesus Christ. When you abide in the presence of God, all that is within you is bound in oneness with the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. When you are bound in oneness, a powerful manifestation of translation takes place. I will explain that to you deeper in another session. But, this is how the Lord Jesus Christ explained to me. When you abide, when you wait in his holy presence bound, you are joined with the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, if you will permit me, I can explain this to you in a more frank and open manner that will give you a better understanding. Why does the bible says, sexual sin a worst sin among all other sins, because it is during the act of sex, when the male organ is in the female’s body, that act, two flesh becomes one. It is a blood covenant that is made at that time. Two bones becomes one and two fleshes becomes one flesh. In the union of the sexual act, the two becomes one, they are bounded in one. They are not in 2 different places having a sexual act. They must come together in oneness. During that moment, the two souls become one, the two spirits become one, the minds don’t think of anything else but they are only thinking of one union, that oneness that act. You see, the sexual pleasures that you can receive from that act is a parabolic minute ecstasy that a person can receive when they wait on God. Are you offended by my simple frank example? But this is how the Lord Jesus explained to me. In the natural I don’t have these experiences because the Lord called me to be a celibatist life. This is what the Lord appeared before me and explained to me. When a husband and wife come in union, the pleasure or ecstasy they enjoy is a parable of a physical thing that conveys the largest spiritual ecstasy that takes place when our spirit is joined with the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. That ecstasy is beyond the scripture. That is why the Apostle Paul write in Ephesians 5: 30-31, He said, the Lord Jesus Christ loves his Church as a husband loves his wife and he said but this is the deep mystery, the flesh of my flesh, the bone of my bones. Why did the Apostle Paul stopped at saying this is the deep mystery, he could have gone further on. That mystery is this mystery. The two becoming one. When you abide in the presence of God, the soul and your spirit gathered together in oneness and it entwines around the true wine. In John 15:1, I am the vine, you are the branches, if you had seen how a great vine grows, it entwins around a stick. That is why, you entwins around the Lord Jesus and you become one. There is no more two. You becomes one and it is fulfilled the other mystery with the Lord Jesus said, the kingdom of heaven is with in you. Now, what did he meant by that? You know because the church of Jesus Christ has lost all this revelations the new ages have picked this up and they quote this scripture to say that is God inside you. That is true and not true. The kingdom of God is within you. When you wait on God, this is the transformation takes place. Now, to wait on God also means to sees from all other activities before the Lord. When you want to wait you don’t do any other thing. You are no more praying, you are no more worshipping, you are no more singing, you are no more dancing, you are no more meditating the word, just be still in his presence. If you look at Psalms 62:5, it says, how the soul is silent before the presence of God. Let me read to you how the original Hebrew language has put this scripture. ‘My soul be then silent unto the Lord, remain still in the presence of the Lord. Stop what you are doing and seek the Lord’. See, to wait in the presence of God, you must be still, no movement, no walking up and down, be still. Then secondly, you are silent, you know when you close your eyes to wait on God, even your mouth is not talking, you will feel all voices in your mind. Have you been there? Now, that must be quieted. If that is not quieted you are not going to enter into the rem. Is it possible to quiet? Absolutely. Absolutely. This is the secret the Lord taught me in the prayer secrets of the tabernacle. When you move from furniture to furniture, when you reach the ark of the covenant you are waiting on God, your heart, your mind, your soul, your conscience, your body all still and silent. It is absolutely possible, you don’t have to struggle to attain it. You don’t have to struggle at all. And all that is within you, your soul, your spirit, your body all gathered together in oneness. Sometimes, you will find, the moment you close your eyes to pray, everything under the sun comes to your remembrance. All those things you have forgotten 50 years ago Suddenly resurfaces like a monster. Have you been there, we all go through the same path. And this is what is keeping us from entering into the holy of holies. God is there waiting for you. He is there waiting for you. But these are the things it is your own self that is keeping you back from entering there. Please remember the problem is not with God, the problem is with us. He is there waiting to manifest himself to you. He is there waiting to talk to you. He is there waiting to hold your hand and take you to show you his kingdom, he is waiting. Are you waiting? Most often at times we are not waiting, we are too busy. We are so busy with our religious activities and thinking that we are satisfying God. Don’t be fooled. Don’t be deceived. God does not take pleasure in all the activities you do under the sun running around the whole world. Your first call is to minister unto God, that is every believers first call, to minister unto God, then you minister unto people. That is our first call. Why did the Lord Jesus Christ looked at Mary and Martha and he said, Mary has took the better path but look he did not condemn Martha. He did not say, Martha, you are doing wrong. He did not tell her that. You see, Martha was not cooking a feast for herself. She was cooking a meal for the Lord Jesus Christ. She was cooking many many dishes for the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus said, one thing is necessary, why are you cooking so many dishes? Just one meal is sufficient. If Mary has chosen the better part, what he meant by that? If you Martha had waited at my feet I would have told you what is my favorite dish. Ofcourse, that is not exactly what it meant, but in an essence that what it means. If you had waited on me, See, if you are going to a restaurant, the waiter is not going to bring all the food in the menu and put it before you right? He will wait on you. Please note this. The waiter, why do you call him a waiter? They are waiting on you. That is what you have to do. See, simple illustration. A waiter waits on you to take your order and then you tell him one stir fry teriyaki chicken and he goes and bring you what you want. He doesn’t bring you what you don’t want. He is there to do your will. This is what the Lord Jesus Christ taught Mary and Martha that day. You know, in the year 1985, when my ministry flooded, I mean opened up, I got invitations all over India, I practically had my calendar all filled up. Going from one city to another city to another city and wherever I go there were mighty sings and wonder taking place everywhere. At the peak of my ministry, suddenly one day I discovered, I was afflicted with Jaundice. So, in India there are some specialist doctors who are not MBBS graduates but they are like kernel sanders you know. You know kernel sanders? You Americans don’t know kernel sanders? Kentucky fried chicken. You had never eaten? Ok. The founder is called kernel sanders. Anyway they got their own family recipe right? Just like that these country doctors they have their family recipe for medicine which they get from all special roots and then they concord a portion that which is guaranteed to heal any sickness. So, this particular doctor who lives closeby to our village is specially for Jaundice. His success rate is 99.999%. So, my brother took me to see him and he just touch my body, he never asked me a single question you know. He just touched my palm and he accurately told me when I was afflicted, how much I was afflicted, what is the degree of my affliction? Accurate on the dot without even he have all the sophisticated weapons you have in the western world. And then he called his son and told him something and the boy came back with a glass of this big with a small portion of his special medicine. He said, since your Jaundice is not overblown this small portion is enough for you. He said, take it in one gulp and I took it in one gulp and the he said you must be resting in your bed for 30 days, you must never leave your bed for 30 days. I said, that is impossible. You know I have all these meetings to attend. He said, I don’t care where you need to go, what you need to do. Bed rest 30 days, if you won’t do this, you will get a worst disease coming upon your body. So, I couldn’t care less about the doctor say know. But the family, to them, his word was like God’s word. So they told me to cancel all my meeting and I was forced to rest in my bed. My breakfast, my lunch, my dinner were all brought to my bed room. So, lying on my bed, what else can I do. So, from 3’o clock in the morning upto 12 midnight I will be just praying in tongues either I will be waiting on God or praying in tongues because I had nothing else but that to do. Now, one day I was waiting on God at 3 o clock in the morning, suddenly I realized I was walking in a desert. I don’t know where is this desert? How can I be walking in the desert when I am in my bedroom and as I was walking, suddenly I realized to my left, there were two tall men and they looked like someone very ancient and they were talking something and I was walking with them. And suddenly the older man looked at the younger man and said, Lot, lift up your eyes and see, whichever land you take you go that way, if you take the right land I will go to the left. If you take the North, I will go to the South. Only then I realized Oh my God! I am standing before Abraham and Lot, and I heard the very conversation, every word that they spoke that you read in the bible, I saw that day how Abraham was putting his hands on Lot’s shoulder, take a good look, choose, take your time and choose. I was so fascinated, shocked and surprised, I was literally there. It is not a vision. I was taken transported 4000 years before time. Have you heard of time travel? It is absolutely possible in the spirit rem. So, I saw this whole scene and then next moment I found my body back again in my own room. It took me several hours to digest what I have just experienced. So awesome that was in 1985. In 1992 when I first went to Israel, we were somewhere near the dead sea and for some strange reason I felt I had been here. I said, hey all these places look so familiar to me. But that is first time I was coming to Israel. I have never ever seen any videos of Israel prior to that in all my life. If that is the case, how is it that all the place look so familiar to me as if I had been there. Then I asked the Guide where are we actually. He said we are near the place where Abraham spoke with Lot. Oh! Then I understood why this place looks so familiar. Suddenly I realized how real that experience was when I had in 1985. Anyway, that was just a small crumb God gave to me for waiting on him. But, anyway, no big deal you know, the reason is there are better things coming in days to come. When you hear the other things then you will realize why I said this was not a big deal. You know going forward and backward into time is no big deal. It is a very simple experience which is available for everybody. You know the only one purpose for me to candidly share with you some of my experiences is not to boast how spiritual I am. My only one aim is to stir up in you a holy passion, a holy desire, I am provoking to jealousy that if you can say, if God bless an Indian then he can bless a white man. Hallelujah! That was how I took hold of God. I once, 20 years ago I have read the experience of an American man, how he had marvelous walks with God. So, I prayed if you can bless an American, you can certainly bless an Indian because you are a God who is impartial. Amen! And I had not only the same experience but more than that because I was able to pick up from where he stopped and one step higher. So you can experience more than what I have experienced. It is possible because you have now the added privilege of stepping up on the spring board of where I am. I didn’t have that privilege, I started from Zero. Now you have the advantage of 25 years of walking with God. So you ride on piggybacking like that space shuttle you know. My dear brothers and sisters, to be sitting in silence now, there is hard attitude, that must be involved when we wait on God. The essence of waiting on God, what is the essence, how should our hard attitude be when we wait on God. There are 3 important heart attitudes. Firstly, humility, Isaiah 57:15 says, the great and mighty God dwells in a humble and contrite person. If you want to walk with God, humble yourself. If you cannot humble yourself then you are far away from the kingdom of heaven. Forget about walking with God, you cannot even enter into heaven. Of all the sins in the world, the only one sin God cannot forgive is Pride. It is written very clearly. God is against a proud person, so the first cardinal principal or essence of heart attitude that you need to come before God is humility. You know, if you know of some mistakes of saints of the past, if you can briefly call to remember some of then the one mark you will find in all their lives is humility. Have you all seen Mother Theresa, a very very meek, humble woman. You know what many people do not know about her is that she had a living face to face encounter and relationship with God everyday. Angels will come and talk with her, the saints in heaven will come and talk with her, the Lord Jesus Christ manifests most of the time and talks to her face to face but the outside world not knew all this because Mother Theresa never spoke about all this publicly and she was filled with all the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. These are all documented proof that I am telling you today and she was powerfully used by God in the gifts of prophecy and healings. But look at her, how meekful and humble she is. That is the identifying mark of a true saint – humility. If you want to come before God, when you bow your heart before God, first check your heart, if there is any pride there. Even when you have a little glimpse of God, don’t open your mouth and boast. One of the cardinal rule is this. Learn to keep God’s secrets, if you keep God secrets then more revelations will be given to you. But if you got a big mouth, then heaven is closed to you. Secondly, you must have the attitude of a loving longingness. You must long, earnestly desire to be in the house of God. Psalms 27:4, One thing have I desired, one thing I will seek after that I may dwell in the house of God. You see, his heart was locked on in one thing, it was pursuing it. Psalm 84: 1-2, and Song of Solomon 3: 1-4, these 3 passage of scripture conveys the same thing. Longing, earnestly desiring, when you wait on God, your heart must long for it. God is not an entertainer and he does not entertain curiosity, he doesn’t do that. If you want to walk with God, then you long for him. If you do not ling for him then you are not going to find him. Thirdly, holiness, this was one thing that the Lord Jesus Christ this afternoon very strongly emphasized me to come and tell you. Holiness, Psalm 24:4 says, who can stand and abide before the holy presence of God. He who has clean hands and who’s heart is pure. You know let me reveal to a mystery that the Eagle Lord Jesus Christ revealed to me this afternoon. If you read Exodus 24: 15-18, it is written, that when Moses was called up to the mountain of God to see God’s Glory, it says, he climbed up the mountain and as soon as he came there, the cloud of God came down and he was in the mountain for 6 days and on the 7th day, the cloud that was hovering on the mountain engulfed Moses then God spoke with him face to face for the rest of 33 days. So what did Moses do for 6 days? He was waiting and why that waiting for 6 days? The cloud of God was purifying him to enter into the holiness of God. Hebrews 12: 14 says, Without holiness it is impossible to see God. So, for 6 days, the cloud of God was purifying him, purifying his soul, purifying his spirit, purifying his mind, purifying all that is within him. You know, Moses was not just on the Mount, he was totally translated into another rem on the mount. He was not on the mount; he was totally translated into another rem to be with God. For that experience, he needed to be purified. All that is within him must be purified so for him to enter into the Glory. So, when you wait on God, God stretches out his wings and covers you. Heat and the fire from the wings begin to purify you, purify you and purify you. That is why you need to wait, you need to wait. The eagle wait before the sun for weeks and weeks and weeks. It never comes down until it is totally changed. Don’t give up waiting on God until you are changed. Finally, to wait on God you must get into the secret place of God. This is another big mistake most Christians are making. Now, let me qualify my statement. You can pray anywhere, anytime, however if you want to enter into God, there is a secret place that God has. You must come there and wait there. Now, in Exodus 33:21, And the LORD said, Behold, there is a place by me. God did not tell him, Come up on the mountain Moses, he said, there is a place by me, you come and wait there. Now the Lord Jesus Christ said, when you pray, enter into your closet, shut your door and pray. Now, what closet is that? Is it just a door to your room? It is not just a door of your room, it is just your physical heart. Shut the door of your heart and get into a secret place with God so that you can be still, silent and gathered in oneness. All the modern gadgets that we have today are great evils in our walk with God. Throw away your phones, your cell phones, your pagers all your other things when you enter into the secret place of God. Now you can also find this in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ. Matthew 14:23, Luke 9: 28 and John 6:15, these 3 scripture says, the Lord Jesus Christ always climbed a high mountain to pray. Why? Why not in the plains? Wouldn’t God hear his prayer? Certainly, because he prayed for Lazarus at Lazarus tomb ‘Lord I thank you for always hearing my prayer’. He was praying there and God heard his prayer and in John 12: 26-28, infront of all the Jews he prayed, ‘Lord, glorify your name’ and a voice came from heaven. All that is public ministry. When you want to walk with God, when you want to come and abide in God, when you come to wait on God, find that secret place, go to the secret place, then you will see God. Get into the secret place, if you don’t get into the secret place you can drive and pray, you can cut your vegetables and pray, you can type on your computer and pray. You can do everything under the sun and pray that is not called waiting on God. If you wait on God, definition is be still in silence, not lying down, not relaxing in the presence of God. Of course you can do that but this is not called waiting on God. Remember there is protocol. You come and you are presenting yourself before the King. When you are presenting yourself before the king there is a proper way to approach. When Moses came and stood in the Mount Sinai, the first thing that he was told is remove your shoes, Why? Because you cannot come as you are before the living God as you see him face to face. Prepare your heart, take away all the draws, come with holiness before the presence of God. You are not coming before mere man. You are coming before the Holy God. In the year 1991, I was in New York City for a series of meetings, one morning I knelt down to worship the Lord. And as I knelt down to worship the Lord, I just felt prompted in my spirit, to just magnify and worship the holiness of God. I didn’t know why I felt the prompting, but I just began to sing praises and worshipping the holiness of God. As I began to do about half an hour into that, during this time of worshipping I felt that all that is within me was coming into oneness and I became totally lost of the surrounding where I was, when I reached that point, you see, this is what is called, being gathered in oneness. All that is within you being gathered in oneness. When that happened, from the right side of the apartment I was staying, a cloud, literally a cloud of holiness just sweeped into the room. I saw, it was a golden light filled cloud, it came rolling out from the corner of the room and it is sweeping all within my interior being and it sweeped. When it swept through I felt a cleansing, a purifying, a sanctifying talking place within me. It went on for a long time from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet. When the work was completed, the cloud came and settled in the room. Then I saw the Lord Jesus Christ came in the clouds with hundreds of Angels they came and filled to entire room. He came and stood and he spoke with me for certain things that were going to take place in United States of America during that time. That was an awesome visitation I had that day which proved to me, without holiness no one can see God. Amen!. My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, when we learn to wait on God, our eyes are open to behold him, Amen! Let us pray. Do you all mind standing up for prayer?
Lift up your eyes to the Lord Jesus Christ. Our gracious and loving good God, your grace endures for ever and ever. Holy Father, tonight I have shared with all your dear children all the words that you have taught me, all the words that you put in my mouth to teach them and now I pray, as they take this words and apply them in their lives, I pray Lord, that you will translate them from glory to glory that they may behold your Shekinah Glory in all your beauty as you showed yourself to Moses, as you showed yourself to Enoch, as you showed yourself to the Apostle Paul and you have showed yourself to many many people. Thank you wonderful Jesus, As I am praying these words I am hearing, the Lord Jesus Christ telling me this words, ‘He who is sincerely seeks to be bound together with me with all his heart will surely be gathered unto me in my Glory. Let him who come before me, humble himself as a little child, then I will show them my Father, then I will teach them the ways of the spirit and they shall be taught by their God’. Thank you wonderful Jesus. Father I pray , Give unto them according to all the words that you have spoken Lord and I pray no good thing will be withheld from them in all their search seeking to be one with you. For such purpose, for such desire they have gathered themselves in this desert place Lord to be alone with you, let them not be disappointed Lord, let them not be disappointed. But fulfill the desires of their heart that they may behold your glories and I pray as they will go back to all their various homes and rooms that you will bless every one of them with a beautiful, peaceful sleep. Because your word says, if your beloved sleep and as they are deeply sleeping, I ask you Lord Jesus, that you will open their spirit of understanding and speak to them through visions and dreams and when they get up in the morning, Lord, there are some people here who are earnestly prayed to know your perfect will for their lives, I pray that you will open their understanding and make that will known to them. There is a young lady here you are seriously praying God’s perfect will about a relationship that you are in. My dear sister, the Lord Jesus shows me, be careful of what your heart desires, be careful of what your heart desires, be careful of what your eyes see, for that which your eyes sees are not what they appeared to be. Do not be moved by your flesh, do not be moved by what you think is the spirit talking to you for it is your human spirit that likes distinct that affirms to you what you misunderstand to be the spirit of the living God talking to you. And there is another young man here, you are sitting about a little bit backwards in this church, you are seriously seeking to know God’s will concerning, entering into the ministry. My dear brother, if God will call you, he will surely make his will known to you. If you want to volunteer yourself why do you need to seek the will of God? But if you with all sincerity would put your heart to learn of his word first, learn of his ways first, when you are ready he will use you. Thank you wonderful Jesus, Thank you wonderful Jesus. You are a good God, Your grace and mercy endures for ever and ever. Again and again the Lord Jesus Christ is saying this words, ‘I bless those, I honor those, I reward those who sincerely seek me, who sincerely long for me, I will make myself known to them’. My dear brothers and sisters, please put away all thoughts of curiosities, the spirit of God is expressly speaking that God rewards them who truly seek him. So, set your heart, purpose in your heart tonight that you will seek him with all your heart until he be found by you. If you can purpose your heart like that you will surely be blessed to become one with him. Thank you wonderful Jesus. You are a good God. Your grace and mercy endures forever and ever. Please lift up your hands to the Lord Jesus ‘Let it be a sweet, sweet sound, let it be a sweet, sweet sound, let it be a sweet, sweet sound in me’ As if we are singing this song, I see the heavens before me and a light tunnel opened before me and the Lord Jesus Christ standing at the entrance of the tunnel and he says,’ he who thirst can freely come and enter into this, he who truly thirst can freely come and enter into this. Into thisis the pasture, green pasture, portals that opened to enter into the rems in heaven, a beautiful tunnel of light, a beautiful tunnel of light, beautiful sea blue, royal blue light and you can go in and come out, go in and come out, go in and come out. The keys to the kingdom will be given to you. It is in your hands my dearly beloved brothers and sisters, it is in your hands. As the Lord Jesus said, in John 7, Let him come thirsts, let him drink freely the water of life, provisions are made for you, an open door is kept for you, the question is Do you want? If you want, the key is long for it, seek for it with all your heart and you will surely find’. Thank you wonderful Jesus, you are a good God, your grace and mercy, Just lift up your hand and bless the goodness of God. Isn’t he wonderful, isn’t he mighty, isn’t he good? He is a wonderful God who freely wants to give all his riches to you because you are his beloved children. Thank you wonderful Jesus, You are a good God, your grace and mercy endures forever and ever. Shall we all pray together the Lord’s prayer? Out father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from all evil . For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory for ever and ever Amen!. Blessed art thou O Lord our God, O king of the whole universe, Amen!!!